Jonge konijnen gedumpt in buitengebied
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Young rabbits dumped in rural area – Insurance for Pets

Hook of Holland 06.08.2021 – Animal ambulance de Wijs received a report on Wednesday 4 August that two young rabbits had been found in the rural area behind the Maasdijk.

A woman was walking her dogs and came across a cardboard box near the Polderhaakweg. When she looked at what was inside, it turned out to be two young rabbits that had been dumped.

Such animal dumps often happen because bringing pets to a shelter costs money, ‘but this time in a bad place so remote,’ says Theo de Wijs when asked. We see an increase around the holidays and especially with the coronavirus when many people had to stay at home with all the measures, many people have purchased a pet. Now that the holidays are slowly starting again, we are unfortunately seeing an increase in these incidents with people who want to get rid of their pets.’

The rabbits were temporarily taken care of at DA de Wijs and later taken to a rodent shelter, awaiting a new owner.

Second animal ambulance
Until recently, DA de Wijs had two animal ambulances available, but one had to be replaced and could no longer pass the inspection. The foundation then started a campaign that has raised €5,100 to date. A second-hand car for sale elsewhere costs € 9,500 with some lettering 10,000. ‘So we’re halfway there,’ Theo says.

Apart from that, the website will be upgraded for next year, because then it will be 50 years ago that animal ambulance De Wijs started. More information can be found on the website.

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