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Since the beginning of 2020, Spotify has been offering a new function: You can have a playlist created for your pet.

The streaming service inquires about your animal’s characteristics and compares them with your musical taste.

A study from Glasgow has shown that dogs who have heard classical music are less stressed.

Dance party with a dog and cat? No problem! Since the beginning of the year, music streaming service Spotify has launched a new offer for pet owners. You can create an extra playlist for your favorite four-legged friends.

To do this, you must first select whether the new listener is dog, cat, hamster, iguana and bird. On a scale from calm to energetic, you can enter how active your pet is. Spotify also asks you if it’s rather shy or friendly, lazy or curious.

Spotify then syncs your shared taste in music and creates a playlist of around 30 songs. Of course you can also add or delete songs. Some of your favorite songs, but also new music, can be found on the pet playlist.

Classical music can calm dogs

In a study, researchers from the University of Glasgow investigated the effect music has on dogs. They found that after listening to classical music, the animals’ level of stress was greatly reduced. « However, the impact of classical music was short-lived, » said author Amy Browman. “The dogs got used to the music after just one day. It seems that dogs, like us humans, prefer to listen to a variety of music and not the same thing over and over again. ”

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There are also various videos on YouTube with « Relaxing Music for dogs or cats ». Some are up to 15 hours long and promise to work against dog anxiety. « Music in no way replaces human society in the case of animals that appreciate them and should not be seen as a license to leave your pets alone longer, » says Moira Gerlach, specialist for pets at the German Animal Welfare Association.

Also: some animal species are very frightened of loud noises. You should also be careful not to put your music boxes on top of the aquarium, terrarium or enclosure. The bass can cause vibrations that put your animals in stress.

By the way, there is no playlist for goldfish, tarantulas and snakes on Spotify: According to the streaming service, these animals could not hear the music anyway.

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