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Why cats don’t like to travel – Insurance for Pets

Many borders are open again, the summer vacation can start. But not everyone likes to go on vacation: For cats, every change of location is a great challenge.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – summer, sun, beach and sea – what is pure relaxation for most of us can become a challenge for our cats. They prefer the usual place under the sofa at home or the cuddly pillow on the kitchen chair instead of the hotel room or the holiday home.

Cats love routine and their familiar surroundings, explains the animal protection organization Vier Pfoten. Therefore, owners should leave their cat at home if they are going away for a few days.

Cat sitter keeps company

Ideally, a familiar family member will take care of the cat during this time. Alternatively, cat sitters can be engaged – so the animal has at least some company.

Taking a cat on vacation leads to stress, especially in the animal. It can get scared and under certain circumstances shows it – by marking it with urine, scratching furniture, hiding or acting aggressively.

Fly only in exceptional cases

If you don’t want to do without your velvet paw on vacation, you should use the car or bus and train if possible. A flight should only be considered as the very last option, advises Four Paws.

And not only keepers have to pack carefully for the holiday – there is also a packing list for your cats: cat basket, food and water bowl, litter box, medication, food, toys and a first aid kit for pets are in the luggage. With familiar objects, the cat feels more comfortable in a foreign environment.

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