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Where is the air cleaner than on our floriculture companies? – Insurance for Pets

« Have you discovered the #Strelitzia plants anywhere in this clip? » It was a question from a strelitzia growing colleague on Twitter, with a link to a video from the Flower Council of Holland. It was Saturday morning, so I had time. At 1:06 am I saw them pass by. « Sharp! »

I had not watched the video before, but it was already launched in 2018 on It is part of a campaign that aims to raise awareness of how much influence plants have on our well-being. We growers have known that for a long time, of course. Nowhere else so many relaxed people as in a flower or plant greenhouse. Where is the air cleaner, the stress less, and the holiday feeling greater than at our floriculture companies? Just sayin.

I myself have known that from an early age. My mother still has a big plant heart. Figuratively then eh. I don’t know anything other than that cyclamen got a foot bath on a saucer. Woman’s tongues used to fill the windowsill. Ferns curled their leaves. Deer horns were not animal but vegetable to me. And in winter there were even flowers on the windows. The love for greenery is in our DNA.

Yet she handled plants differently than I encountered in the video. “They have been taking care of us since the beginning of time. Thank you plant for the oxygen I breathe. Thank you plant for your coolness in the summer. That you don’t say anything when I’m hunting for a snack at night. For making my house a home, thank you plant. For forgiving me when I came in with that guy from Sales. After that drink, remember? In short, that you are more than a plant, thank you plant. ‘

I can laugh about it. Who does not recognize certain things in it? Plants, flowers, music, art, it can move you, encourage you, help you through a difficult period. ‘Music was my first love and it will be my last.’ That could be music by John Miles or by JS Bach.

Still, I prefer to look for Who is behind all those presents and gifts. My mother taught me that from a young age. Thanks Mom.

Kees van Egmond

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