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What to do with your car during holidays and weekends? – Insurance for Pets

We spend a lot of time in the car for our daily trips. It turns out to be very practical for its first transport function. Why would it not also be an asset in our quest for leisure? How to have fun without getting out of your car? Visiting tourist sites, activity with family or leisure activities with friends, your vehicle diversifies your pleasures during the holidays or for a weekend.

Idea n ° 1: visit cities by car!

On the vacation route, we like to take our time. This is the opportunity to take advantage of it and take a little detour through unusual places, cities with beautiful architecture and breathtaking landscapes. Travel the most beautiful roads during your vacation for a total change of scenery. The car will make you discover the tourist attractions other.

Some tourist offices provides for circuits at do by car to survey regions or cities with many scattered cultural monuments. You don’t stop for long or not at all. You visit thanks to routes prepared that you will find on sites or on tourist brochures. From the smallest to the largest, many cities (Paris, Lyon, and even the castles of the Loire) provide ideas for visits with your automobile.

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Idea # 2: take a car safari

We are far from safaris in the African plain but spend a moment observing the wild animals in semi-freedom is an experience to be lived. Many zoos offer this activity to allow you to see their residents act a little more freely. Target times when it will not be crowded and the animals will want to show their noses. This type of excursion, which is very popular with children, should be done in accordance with the wild life and the rules of the zoo. We can marvel at approaching giraffes, lions, wolves, bears, zebras … and many other species, all that in his vehicle ! The Sigean African Reserve, the Peaugres Safari or Wild Planet are some examples of Zoo allowing activity safari.

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Idea n ° 3: meet at the drive-in!

In summer, the outdoor cinema is successful. The drive-in allows a real immersion in a practice born in the United States in the 1930s. Access to big screen is done by adapted car parks where you can park your car. We avoid the crowd and we guarantee ourselves a cocoon of comfort the time to make a canvas. The films on offer are of all genres, from masterpieces to blockbusters, including classics and family films. It is a moment of sharing and conviviality different from conventional cinema. Cities like Crest, Cabourg, Marseille and Toulouse organize training sessions outdoor cinema throughout the summer. Maybe even the small village near you!

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