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What to do if you think your pet has the coronavirus? – Insurance for Pets

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In the Netherlands, there are already a few pets that have contracted the coronavirus. Although the chance that your pet will be infected with the coronavirus is very small, it is of course nice to know what to do in such a situation.

Therefore, here a few useful tips from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Most important points

Are there people in your household who have complaints that are appropriate for the corona virus? And your pet gets sick too? Then, according to the RIVM, there is a small chance that it concerns the coronavirus in your pet. In this case it is important that all housemates avoid intensive contact (such as hugging and licking) with the sick animal. If possible, it is wise to have a non-sick roommate take care of the animal. Also consider the following things:

  • Good hygiene is now extra important (so wash and disinfect your hands regularly and clean well at home).
  • Don’t let your pet run free outside. So keep your cat indoors and let your dog out on a leash. If you have corona-like complaints yourself, you should not go outside anyway. In this case you will have to arrange someone to walk your pet for you.
  • Make sure your pet doesn’t go to a place where many animals are together, such as a boarding house or dog walking service.
  • Does your pet have severe shortness of breath and / or diarrhea? Then contact the vet by phone. He or she will then assess whether the pet’s complaints fit the coronavirus.

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Risk of infecting others

If you have a cat that is infected but does not show any signs of disease, it is not contagious. The chance that a sick cat can transmit the coronavirus to a human is very small. A dog probably cannot transmit the virus to another dog. There is also no evidence that a dog can transmit the coronavirus to a human. Antibodies against the new coronavirus have so far been found in one dog in the Netherlands, which means that the animal has been infected with the coronavirus.

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Source | RIVM
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