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Wamiz Run 2020: Assur O’Poil, an expert who supports Chiens Guides Paris! – Consumption – Insurance for Pets

On March 29, the fourth edition of the Wamiz Run will take place. The opportunity to meet tons of dogs, ask questions to experts and even participate for a good cause!

For the fourth consecutive year, the Wamiz Run will take place this year on the last weekend of March. It is THE sporting and canine meeting place under the sign of solidarity! By participating in the cani-cross or the cani-walk, you and your dog help to collect donations for the benefit of the association Chiens Guides Paris.

But that’s not all. The Wamiz Run also offers you a village with many activities to do with (or without) your dog! This is an opportunity to meet the experts at Assur O’Poil who will be able to answer many questions, but also to recover the Assur O’Poil connected medallion for free!

Assur O’Poil X Wamiz: joint commitments to serve animals

Assur O’Poil is the company that helps individuals take care of their animals! What could be more like the values ​​of Wamiz? It was therefore obvious for Wamiz to join forces with Assur O’Poil for this 4th edition of the Wamiz Run.

At Assur O’Poil, like at Wamiz, employees and managers practice pet at work, a symbol of openness and love for the animal world! Sensitive to the health and well-being of their pets, employees enjoy playing sports with their doggies! For example, always fascinated by animals, Hubert (CEO of Assur O’Poil) takes his Afghan greyhounds to run very regularly!

Combining the useful with the pleasant, playing sports, while sharing an accomplice and privileged moment with your dog, this is the start of any great relationship with your pet! Value that Wamiz obviously shares.

Having animal expert people to speak and educate dog owners during the Wamiz Run was a real necessity for Wamiz. In fact, the two players support responsible adoption and therefore encourage owners to anticipate the costs related to the health of their 4-legged friends. Assur O’Poil responds to this need with his expertise, his knowledge but also his desire to help and advise. Finally, sensitive to the cause of the Wamiz Run, Assur O’Poil wishes to support the Chiens Guides Paris by joining this solidarity race.

Assur O’Poil in a few words

Founded in September 2002 by a family that owns animals, the Assur O’Poil brand is health insurance for dogs and cats that reimburses veterinarian costs in the event of an accident or illness.

Their mission: to ensure the tranquility of animal owners by offering them 5 protection formulas that reimburse up to 100% of veterinary costs, without waiting period for the accident.

Today, more than 200,000 members trust Assur O’Poil in France, in Belgium since 2009 and in Italy since 2016.

Composed of a team of enthusiasts, Assur O’Poil offers adapted and ultra-competitive offers.