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Voorburgs Dagblad | Litter is a great danger to animals – Insurance for Pets

The enormous amount of litter in Leidschendam-Voorburg creates danger for animals. The consequences of a small piece of plastic or a can in nature are sometimes incalculable. Animals swallow plastic, get trapped or injure themselves. Animal ambulance The Hague helps several victims every day and calls on: think before throwing your waste on the street …..

In one day, the animal ambulance sometimes frees up to three victims from fishing tools. Waterfowl all too often get caught in hooks, floats and lines left behind. But plastic rings, for example from chewing gum pots, can also cause death. Anouk Korporaal of the Animal Ambulance The Hague: “I don’t believe that people consciously throw waste on the street to hurt animals. The consequences are simply not well thought out. There are barbs on the plastic rings of chewing gum jars, making them impossible to shake off. Eating with a plastic ring around your head and beak is not possible, so the ducks slowly starve to death. All because of such a small, stupid ring. ”

Many animals get in trouble because of empty cans thrown on the street. This applies not only to wild animals, but also to pets. Anouk Korporaal: “One of the most poignant situations I have experienced is the story of boy Ken, who walked around for days with his head in a can. He wanted to get the last bit of food out of the can. He couldn’t see, hear, smell, and breathe properly for days. His ears and neck had been deeply injured from the sharp edges and his face was smearing. He had to fight for his life. Fortunately he has recovered completely « .