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Visits to the cat home again possible – Insurance for Pets

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Hoyerswerda. Katzenhilfe Hoyerswerda e. Operates quietly, quietly and yet very committed. V. has been a cat home since 1994, where he takes in, looks after and passes on these four-legged friends. Since the end of March, the facility has been closed due to the corona pandemic, primarily to protect the seven zookeepers from the virus, explains the association’s chairwoman Christina Koch. A message is important to her: « Pets do not transmit the corona virus to humans – but humans can infect their animals. »

The helpers look after a maximum of 200 cats in the home. The association’s treasurer, Lothar Eulert, has created several outdoor enclosures with his wife, and a veterinarian ensures that all “velvet paws” are castrated, dewormed, vaccinated and chipped for further placement. She also treats sick and injured animals until they are fully recovered. « Only then will they be put in good hands, » says Christina Koch.

The association pays the resulting costs, the wages of the animal keepers, operating costs and the effort to maintain the buildings and outdoor enclosures from donations and membership fees. Thanks to the constantly donated food, the four-legged friends always have enough to eat. This is thanks to Katzenhilfe Hoyerswerda e. V. many loyal animal sponsors, long-term donors, the animal protection shop and Mars GmbH from Verden, which produces feed for pets, among other things. « Many cat owners, some of whom brought an animal from our home years ago, don’t forget us, » says Christina Koch, pleased. The number of people who work for the cat home is also growing in and around Hoyerswerda. « We are infinitely grateful for any donations, » confirms the association chairwoman. She finds it negative that to date there has been no state aid for animal shelters and associations that lose income as a result of the corona pandemic and that are burdened by additional admission of animals. For the Katzenhilfe Hoyerswerda e. V. is a completely new and worrying experience.

Since May 11, 2020, the cat home in the industrial area at street A 29 has again been able to welcome animal lovers who want to give the “velvet paws” a good home. During a visit, keeping a distance, disinfection measures and wearing a face mask are mandatory. Guests should call 03571/428180 or email [email protected] register and express her wishes for the new pet, explains Christina Koch. The cat home is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Exceptions can only be made by phone.

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