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VIDEO. Veganism. Vegetable leather made from pineapple leaf fibers for ethical, social and eco-responsible fashion – Insurance for Pets

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Animal leather is no longer in vogue in the United Kingdom, the country of origin of the vegan movement. So creators find him plant-based substitutes, including pineapple leather developed by a Spanish entrepreneur. She received a young Australian fashion designer that day, quite delighted to have been able to do without animal leather to create her bags.

« I am a convinced vegetarian and I have very strong values ​​in terms of leather, explains Jessica Kruger to the magazine « We Europeans » (replay). After a first collection in animal skins, I couldn’t do it. I knew how this sector was with the treatment of animals, even if they are raised in the open air… That was not right. This leather made from eco-friendly, vegan, animal-free material. This is exactly what I need. « 

« It enhances a material that has no value »

The pineapple used for these fashion accessories is grown in the Philippines. If the plant was appreciated for its fruit, its leaves were discarded … until Carmen Hijosa discovered its fibers in the heart of the leaves. And that they had unsuspected virtues that could revolutionize the leather market, which is not particularly known on the planet for being truly ethical, social and eco-responsible.

« It’s intended to be thrown away, we don’t use additional crops, water, pesticides, details the creator of this vegetable leather. This enhances a material that has no value and it also creates employment for the poorest, such as these farming communities. The impurities are removed from the fibers which are transformed into a felt mat. We finish the product in Spain with natural pigments that respect the environment, without bad chemicals. «