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Since the years 1980-1990, there have been major efforts to clean up the water in the Seine in Paris. Since then, biodiversity has taken back its rights. Here are three species of fish back in Paris.

The shad

« We are between Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité on the Seine. A place of passage for many species of fish, with a cushion which is sheltered from floods« , explains Bill François, scientific author. Here, there is a rather rare fish: the shad. It is a migratory fish which grows at sea and which reproduces in fresh water. »These fish had disappeared from the Seine for 120 years« , underlines Bill François. The main persons responsible were in particular the dams. Since then, passage zones have been created.


At the tip of the Ile de la Cité in Paris live many fish. Among them: the catfish, one of the largest fish that can be found in the Seine. This is probably the first species of fish to be introduced. « It is a fish that regulates the ecosystem in the Seine, they did a lot of good for the catfish, because they regulated the bream bream and the small carp which swarmed and ate the eggs of other fish.« , details Bill François.

The pike

Bill François takes us to the start of the Canal Saint-Martin, « a spot where there is an incredible biodiversity« . There are especially the pikes which breed there. »So an incredible fish which is a kind of umbrella, that is to say that it is a species which, when it is going to be protected, will allow to protect many other species at the same time« , he develops.

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