Insurance for Pets

VIDEO. The ordeal of animals – Insurance for Pets

The issue of animal welfare concerns more and more French people. Deputies seize it, and a referendum of shared initiative gathered more than 500,000 signatures. NGOs keep denouncing the conditions of breeding or slaughtering animals, with a lot of shocking images. But they also criticize their transport conditions.

Very far from European standards …

Thirty-seven million head of cattle and one billion poultry circulate each year in Europe. The European Commission regularly denounces drifts, especially in the event of strong heat. How is the transport of animals really going? How is it controlled? « Special Envoy » investigated, and what the journalists discovered is sometimes far, very far from European laws, however quite strict in this area …

An investigation by Alexandra Colineau, Julie Ledru and Marie Dubois with First Lines broadcast in « Special Envoy » on September 3, 2020.

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