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VIDEO. The Gogoclub, a dog hotel in China – Insurance for Pets

The Gogoclub from Qingdao in China is a dog hotel. « In cities, dogs are not at all free. That’s why I wanted to create a place where dogs can run and have fun.« explains Shi Hong, the initiator of the project. She opened this hotel which can accommodate 20 to 30 dogs. »Some people have a dog but do not live in a place suitable for the animal to breed it properly« , she explains.

Dogs can socialize with their congeners and interact with humans. They have access to a 1,300 square meter courtyard. « It is not a question of putting them in a cage and waiting for the return of their master five, ten days or six months later« Shi Hong says. Indeed, animals can be unhappy and even cause depression. She therefore believes that it is necessary for the dogs to be able to leave the house: »See motorcycles, bicycles, children … It is important that they know their environment. « 

In China, it is mainly young people who adopt animals. In 2018, the pet dog market has exceeded 13 billion euros, 70% of which is devoted to consumer products.