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VIDEO. « Smuggling and trade of ivory from Africa to China » involves « organized crime », says NGO IFAW – Insurance for Pets

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If China has authorized the ivory trade for a long time, it ordered its final closure at the end of 2017. A small victory for Grace and her team who have been monitoring the Chinese domestic market for more than ten years for the International Fund for the Protection of animals (IFAW). « The people involved in smuggling and trading ivory from Africa to China are part of organized crime. They have the money, the political connections and all the means to bring that ivory into China », she explains.

In hidden camera, the magazine « 1:15 pm on Sunday » (replay) gave an appointment, before this prohibition, to an ivory trafficker in the streets of Beijing. At the back of a car, two splendid elephant tusks carefully stored in a padded red box. The pair of ivory tips is easily traded at 22,500 euros. The seller takes the opportunity to show the decoration work he does on other defenses. Of course, it was not he who brought them from Africa. Other very well organized people take care of this intercontinental traffic.

The price of white gold should not stop rising

« They are specialists who take care of bringing them back », explains the receiver of white gold. He said that he could respond to a larger order without problem, provided he knew the quantity wanted by the buyer well in advance. And ten pairs for 200,000 euros, is it possible? The seller, who does not seem to run out of stock, answers without hesitation: « I can find that, yes, by calling on my friends … » Suppliers who know where to find the ornaments of the largest terrestrial mammals threatened with extinction.

« Ivory today is white gold, specifies the activist association. It interests many collectors, but also investors. It’s almost a new investment product. If you buy ivory or anything else from endangered species, and wait for its value to rise, then you are part of the extinction of the species. «  About 20,000 elephants are killed each year for their ivory on the African continent! And since there are fewer and fewer animals, the price of white gold should not stop increasing …

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