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VIDEO. In India, the time of deconfinement has struck for thousands of baby turtles – Insurance for Pets

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The scene takes place on a beach in the Indian state of Odisha: thousands of turtles aged a few hours or days may have rushed into the sea. Formerly the graveyard of olive ridleys, these thousands of newly hatched turtles could have clear the sea thanks to the containment due to Covid-19.

A little respite

Rushikulya Beach is one of the few nesting colonies where this endangered species leaves its eggs every year to incubate in the heat of the sand. But the steady increase in human activity here has become a major concern for environmentalists and the state forest department. Normally, a large part of the eggs are devoured by stray animals or are caught in fishing nets.

But in 2020, containment allowed some 300,000 turtles to lay eggs here with more security. Turtles usually come to the beach at night to lay their eggs, but with confinement, they were able to enjoy a deserted beach during the day. The eggs hatched in 45 to 60 days.