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VIDEO. In India, she creates a refuge to help injured animals – Insurance for Pets

400 dogs, 10 cows, 150 cats or 15 emus, bulls, horses, donkeys, ducks and birds. In a refuge located in India, 700 injured and abandoned animals are pampered. On the initiative of this sanctuary created in 2011: Anjali Gopalan. « It is possible to provide excellent care without the need to make great efforts for these animals« She believes. It all starts in 2010, when she becomes a volunteer in an association dealing with dogs. After a few weeks, Anjali realizes that they are mistreated there. which will encourage him to create his own refuge using his savings.

Anjali Gopalan noted the growing number of neglect of animals and therefore preferred to accommodate different species in his sanctuary. To be able to treat them all with the right equipment, she started to raise funds. Some animals are indeed in very bad shape. It relates in particular the story of Kulhari, a dog having been wounded in the head by an ax. « It took about 2 years to recover« , recalls Anjali Gopalan.

I think I would not be half the person I am today if I had not devoted my life to animals and people.

She now wants to open another refuge to accommodate even more animals. « It’s a great way to live your life that allows you to change many destinies and embellish new lives.« , rejoices Anjali.