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VIDEO. Hungry, sick, injured lions… a Sudanese zoo can no longer care for its animals – Insurance for Pets

« There were five lions, three of them in really critical conditions. They were malnourished and it was clear that they needed urgent care, food and care. medical. « 

While Osman Salih was walking with his son in the Al-Qureshi Zoo in Sudan, he did not expect to make this grim discovery. Among the consequences of the economic crisis in Sudan: the managers of this zoo claim they can no longer afford to care for all animals.

Alarmed by these hungry and very weakened animals, Osman Salih then decides to launch the alert on social networks. In a few hours, its publication went viral. « The good thing is that we got an immediate response from the authorities. Within 12 hours, all the representatives, the government representatives, the park representatives, were on site. We met them and we started to look for urgent solutions to improve the conditions of the lions« says Osman Salih.

But on January 20, one of the sick lionesses died. Alerted, the NGO Four Paws decides to intervene. A few days later, an NGO team arrives on the spot with the veterinarian Amir Khalil. They took care in priority of the lioness Kandaka and the lion Mansour who seem in great danger. After examining the lions, they put Kandaka on a drip to rehydrate her. After 2 weeks of treatment, Four Paws publishes new photos of the Mansour lion showing « great progress ».