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A bat ? A squirrel ? Not quite. Here is a colugo. Living in tropical forests of Southeast Asia, the colugo is actually a genus made up of two species: the Temminck galleopithecus, with gray-green fur, and the flying galleopithecus, with red fur. Their peculiarity: the patagium, a large skin membrane, covered with fur and extending over the entire length of the body. Thanks to this, they can glide from tree to tree and travel more than 100 meters without touching the ground, which makes them the best gliders among all mammals. The membrane also allows females to carry their young for the first six months.

Colugos move, feed and reproduce at night. Their large red eyes provide them with excellent night vision. Then during the day, they rest, hanging in the heights of the trees. Also, their fur offers them excellent camouflage against predators such as pythons, macaques or even owls. These animals use their comb-like teeth to chew the leaves, fruits and flowers they feed on, but also to clean their membranes.

If the two species are currently classified as « minor concern« , Colugo populations are now declining, mainly due to the loss of habitat caused by deforestation.