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It is a little-known canine that roams the plains and savannahs of Africa … It looks like a cross between a fox and a fennec, but it is a species apart.

This animal is found in two different areas on the continent. There, this small animal measuring 46 to 66 centimeters long leads a burrowing life, digging a network of galleries in which a breeding and monogamous couple shelters with their young. The territory of a couple generally extends between 0.25 and 1.5 square kilometers.

It feeds mainly on insects and arthropods: termites and dung beetles can make up 80% of its diet, and it depends on these insects for its water supply. He also uses his large ears, measuring between 11 and 13 centimeters long, to detect the presence of these insects around.

Also, among all the canines, it is the one with the most teeth. It is a consequence of its insectivorous diet, which made its teeth smaller and more numerous: between 46 and 50. Marginalized by certain local people for its fur, it is not considered in danger of extinction and its population is stable.

It is the otocyon, also called the bat-eared fox.