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Vegetarian dry dog ​​food: A real alternative

Although the dog originally descends from the wolf, it has developed strongly in the course of evolution and adapted to the way of life of humans. Scientific studies show that today’s dog can digest starchy, plant-based food well. In contrast to the wolf, it has a better set of enzymes for digesting starch-rich food. This makes it possible to offer the four-legged friend vegetarian or even vegan food.

The vegetarian menu for the dog

VeggieDog is a complete feed in the Green Petfood range that does not contain any meat. How it works? The most important thing is that the dog gets enough protein, or rather its building blocks, the amino acids. Since the dog cannot produce these himself, they should definitely be included in the food. Green Petfood has put together the high-quality ingredients in VeggieDog with particular care and together with nutritionists according to international nutrient specifications, so that full-grown four-legged friends are completely cared for.

Instead of animal proteins, vegetable proteins are used: for example potatoes, peas and red lentils, which form a very good and healthy basis. In the gluten-free VeggieDog Origin, taurine and L-carnitine also support the heart function of the four-legged friend. This provides adult, healthy dogs with all the important nutrients they need. And fur noses with feed intolerance will also find a digestible alternative with VeggieDog, as many allergies are triggered by conventional meat. The avoidance of grain also leads to a high tolerance in the dog. For example, VeggieDog Grainfree can also be a good solution to exclude potential allergens and allergy triggers.

Proven tasty

For 7 years now, all the success stories of two- and four-legged customers have proven that VeggieDog also tastes good. On social media, Green Petfood regularly receives great stories from fur noses who are vegetarian and healthy. Bibi is one of many thousands of veggie cats. Her mistress Jala reports in the Green Petfood blog about the successful changeover to the meatless dog menu. Why the two of them rave about VeggieDog: « Bibi tastes great & her mistress is happy to feed them without animal suffering and environmental pollution. »

Vegetarian, healthy and sustainable

Last but not least, VeggieDog is also a good alternative when it comes to sustainability. The consumption of meat, milk and eggs is responsible for at least 51% of the world’s human-generated CO2 emissions. In addition, conventional animal husbandry has an impact on the areas under cultivation, because the land use per unit of protein is generally lower for plants than for livestock. So if you do without meat, you also make your contribution to climate protection and reduce your CO2 footprint and paw print!

About Green Petfood

The Green Petfood brand is part of the medium-sized family company ERBACHER the food family from Kleinheubach in the Bavarian Odenwald, one of the leading manufacturers of super premium food for pets in Europe. In line with the company’s philosophy of « pioneering thinkers and pioneers for sustainable nutrition », Green Petfood relies on innovative and sustainable food for dogs and cats.

The aim of Green Petfood is to rethink feed, to produce it sustainably and to fully care for animals. Under the motto ‘Greenify our future’, Green Petfood has set itself the task of making the world greener through pet food. For this reason, all products are climate-positive. Green Petfood not only offsets its entire CO2 emissions, from the cultivation of the raw material to the bowl, through forest conservation in Tanzania, but even binds 25% more than is caused.

For the pioneering work that Green Petfood is doing in the area of ​​sustainability, the brand was one of the first brands from the pet industry to receive the Green Brands Award 2019/2020 as an ecologically sustainable brand.

Quelle: Green Petfood


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