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In its last daily update, communicated this Tuesday afternoon, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Paca always reports, for Vaucluse, 27 people tested positive for Covid-19 who died in hospital since the start of the epidemic, and still 6 in Ehpad.

78 people tested positive are also currently hospitalized in the department (5 less than compared to the situation yesterday afternoon), including 12 in intensive care.

Finally, 160 people tested positive were able to return to their homes after hospitalization (+6).

In addition, we take stock here of what remains open, what is closed, what is maintained, what is canceled or suspended in the Vaucluse.

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Jean-François Lovisolo for the reopening of schools: « Are we being transferred the responsibility of managing children in the context of extracurricular activities? « 

Jean-François Lovisolo, president of the association of mayors of Vaucluse, details his first reason for satisfaction following the Prime Minister’s speech on Tuesday afternoon. « The territories, he believes, are taken into account in their diversity, we give back the hand to local actors to provide answers to an exceptional situation. » « 

That said, it’s not a gift either, he’s aware of that. « We will have to find intelligent and appropriate answers in collaboration with the state services, depending on the reality of the situations. We will see in which category the Vaucluse will be classified. « 

« The choice is left to the municipalities for the implementation of the opening of schools, with no more than fifteen students per class. However, what do we do with the other students? Do they stay at home with their parents or do we transfer the responsibility of managing them through extracurricular activities? We have neither the premises, nor the human resources, so that requires a lot of details, we will contact the prefect. « 

Reopening of the colleges from May 18: the Department of Vaucluse « ready to mobilize but with health security as imperative »

« On the important question of the reopening of colleges, I have noted that it will only concern, from May 18, certain levels, assuming that the Vaucluse is classified in the so-called » green « departments, it that is to say those in which the circulation of the virus is limited ”, reacted this Tuesday afternoon the president of the Department of Vaucluse Maurice Chabert.

“The reflection on the reopening of public colleges has been underway for several weeks now with one imperative: that it be done under conditions of sanitary safety satisfactory both for the pupils (and their families), for the teaching staff and for the administrative and technical staff. « 

« A very precise analysis of the reception capacities has already started, establishment by establishment, in order to respect the rule of 15 pupils per class. Each of these analyzes will take into account not only the configuration of classrooms and school restaurants (and therefore the physical possibility of applying physical distance), but also the number of agents of the Department assigned to the proper functioning of colleges that can be mobilized in the current circumstances. « 

« In view of the conclusions, it is not excluded that certain public colleges in the Vaucluse will remain closed after May 18. « 

The Department of Vaucluse also expects from the State « that it specifies to whom will return, from National Education or the Departmental Council, the responsibility of supplying sufficient hydro-alcoholic gel to reopened establishments and masks » large public ”to college students whose families were unable to obtain them. « Maurice Chabert » would like finally to organize a meeting as soon as possible, in which the representatives of the Departmental Council, the Academic Inspectorate and also the representatives of the Regional Council would participate, because the question of school transport must also be clarified « .

Vaucluse MP Adrien Morenas has worked on proposals to revive tourism in France in compliance with strict health rules

Adrien Morenas, majority MP for Vaucluse, participated in the study group « Promotion of tourist activities ».

LREM deputies have thus drawn up 150 proposals to revive tourist activity in France. « These proposals, drawn up thanks to consultations, are the launch of the » after « , because compliance with the rules of good manners, health and safety are a priority for our tourism professionals. It is essential that everyone respects the rules, ”comments Adrien Morenas.

The 150 proposals are available online.

Renaud Muselier: « A clear objective: the six departments of the South region classified as » green « on June 2 »

« My objective is very clear, » reacted this Tuesday the president of the South Region Renaud Muselier, after the presentation of the deconfinement plan by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe before the National Assembly. « The six departments of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region must be classified » green « by June 2. All communities, all citizens of the region must be mobilized to achieve this objective. This rigor and this commitment will be the only way to regain our freedoms as soon as possible, and thus to revive the economic, social and cultural life that we all need. « 

For Renaud Muselier, « the calendar is accelerating this week. » « Tomorrow, I will have a working meeting with the Prime Minister as President of Regions of France, then an exchange with Franck Riester on the cultural life of our territories. Thursday morning, we will receive with Christian Estrosi all the presidents of festivals in the South region, by videoconference, then a work meeting will be held with Bruno Le Maire, Gérald Darmanin and Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne about the opening cafes, hotels and restaurants, as well as about the tourism plan. Finally, Thursday evening, we will have a meeting with Jean-Yves Le Drian and Agnès Pannier-Runacher about the national prospects for foreign trade. « 

“The Minister for Territorial Cohesion, Jacqueline Gourault, makes the link to facilitate everyone’s task: local authorities, Regions in the lead, wanted 3C (Confidence, Clarity, Competence) before the 3D law (Decentralization, Deconcentration, Differentiation). Now is the time to put it in place, even without the law, by resolving the crisis. « 

The mayor of Althen unveils the spring-summer 2020 collection of masks distributed to residents

With humor, Michel Terrisse, mayor of Althen-des-Paluds, unveils a photo of the mask which will be distributed to the inhabitants: “Very elegant model in three-ply cotton, very fitting, which can be worn as well with an evening dress as ‘with sportwear than with street attire. 150 copies have been made by our volunteers since yesterday. « 

The number: 24

In Avignon, 24 employee volunteers continue the activity and collect salads, spinach, beans, gourmet peas and other organic spring vegetables on the 13 hectares of Semailles, the non-profit association based in the Green Belt. Only the artichokes are missing. Unscrupulous thieves stole the entire production!

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Today’s humorous tweet

“It was a dream to beat Rafa on clay and it was done.” The tennis player from Avignon, Benoît Paire, explains on Tuesday on Twitter that he had made a “big match” against the Spaniard Rafael Nadal. Before clarifying that he jokes, of course: “It was on Playstation”.

The garage sale of May 17 in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon‌ canceled

The Federation of merchants and artisans of Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, « The Village », confirms that the garage sale of May 17, one of the most important in the territory, is canceled.

No new deaths in Vaucluse

In its last daily update, communicated this Tuesday afternoon, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Paca always reports, for Vaucluse, 27 people tested positive for Covid-19 who died in hospital since the start of the epidemic, and still 6 in Ehpad.

78 people tested positive are also currently hospitalized in the department (5 less than compared to the situation yesterday afternoon), including 12 in intensive care.

Finally, 160 people tested positive were able to return to their homes after hospitalization (+6).

In the Paca region, 1,654 are currently hospitalized, of which 290 in intensive care, 671 people have died in hospital since the beginning of the epidemic and 269 in nursing homes, and 3,573 people tested positive have been able to return home after hospitalization.

Serge Marolleau asks the prefect to authorize the food markets in the town of Orange

Serge Marolleau, who appeared in the first round of municipal elections in Orange, wrote to the prefect, asking him to authorize the food markets in the town of Orange. « Many cities demonstrate that it is possible to support local markets during containment by strictly following the precautionary measures. Local farmers’ markets are essential for the agricultural economy of Vaucluse and the surrounding area. They must be reopened to maintain short circuits. There is no tangible health argument justifying closing markets while supermarkets remain accessible, « he writes, arguing that outdoor markets are less dangerous than confined spaces. He also suggests, if it is too difficult to set up a market in the narrow alleys of the city center, to relocate it in the districts of the commune.

Taxi and hotel accommodation costs paid by the CPAM for nursing staff: two agreements signed by the Avignon hospital

Following the announcements of the President of the Republic, allowing healthcare staff to benefit from the payment by the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) of their taxi costs and hotel nights to carry out their missions in the establishments of care, hospitality professionals and Vaucluse taxis are committed to supporting the nursing staff of the Avignon hospital center. Two agreements have been signed between the Avignon Hospital Center and the Hotel Trades and Industries Union on the one hand, and the Avignon Radio Taxi Association on the other.

The costs will be advanced by the Avignon hospital center.

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No sales of lily of the valley on the public highway this year

In Carpentras, the municipality indicates that the municipal decree of April 16, 2008 regulating the sale of lily of the valley on the public highway will not be applicable this year due to more restrictive government measures. The itinerant sale of lily of the valley will therefore be strictly prohibited on May 1, « in order not to compete with florists and especially by fairness towards the latter, who are not authorized to open their shop. Florists will still be able to make deliveries or set up a drive for order withdrawals. « 

The opportunity to recall that the sale of lily of the valley on the public highway is prohibited throughout the department, this year.

Cultura de Sorgues store drives

Books, creative materials … Vauclusians will be able to obtain supplies from the Cultura brand, which is setting up a drive service. Customers can make a reservation online, on the Cultura website, and pick up their purchases for 48 hours in front of the store located in Sorgues, in compliance with barrier gestures and hygienic rules.

Enclave 2020 Nights Festival canceled

The dramatic center of the Haut Vaucluse villages announces the cancellation of the Festival des Nuits de l’Enclave, which was to take place from July 15 to 26 in Valréas, Visan, Grillon, Richerenches and Saint-Pantaléon. The drama center’s season programming is also stopped.

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The workshop “Masks for Althen” opened its doors on Monday, April 27

At the house of Althen-des-Paluds associations, the workshop « Masks for Althen » opened its doors on Monday, April 27. A manufacturing unit that brings together a dozen seamstresses. They make masks for children, adolescents and adults. The seamstresses who also wish to mobilize can approach the town hall.

Deconfinement plan: for Julien Aubert, it’s already “no”

The deputy LR of Vaucluse and president of Oser la France Julien Aubert announces already, this Tuesday morning on Twitter, that he will vote against the plan of deconfinement of the government which will be presented from 3 pm before the Assembly national. « I cannot vote for this plan without a peaceful parliamentary debate, » he explains.

« Yes to deconfinement, no to the suspension of liberties and democracy! », Continues the deputy for the 5th district of Vaucluse. “No to the blind acceptance of a plan which envisages tracing the population. No to reopening schools in complete blur! ”

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Le Pontet: a hairdresser looking for disposable bathrobes

At Pontet, Frédéric Maréchal, manager of “Charly Coiffure”, is preparing to resume his activity in complete safety and is looking for disposable bathrobes, which are difficult to find. “My clients can’t wait to come back. I will only receive by appointment, morning and afternoon, when usually this was not the case in the morning. But you have to adapt in order to secure everyone. « 

The mayor of Carpentras opposes the reopening of schools on May 11

In a Facebook post, the mayor of Carpentras Serge Andrieu affirms his opposition to the resumption of classes on May 11. « As the Scientific Council wrote, opening classes on May 11 is not a good idea. […] If I am opposed, for reasons of public health, to the opening of schools, I cannot ignore that a number of Carpentrassiens will have no choice because of their work and will have to put their child in school without necessarily l ‘to have wanted. I do not wish to hinder them in their daily life and I did not ignore the social difficulties and the risks of dropping out of school for some. I will not issue an order closing the city’s schools (it would be illegal), « said the elected official.

The “Click and collect”, a valuable activity relay for traders in this period

The Vaucluse Chamber of Commerce and Industry is mobilizing to develop “Click & collect” activities among merchants, that is to say remote purchasing with withdrawal from a store, or delivery for stores in sale not authorized to receive from the public. « This concerns all types of trade, food and non-food, as well as catering », specifies the prefecture of Vaucluse, which emphasizes that this activity constitutes « a valuable relay of activity for traders in this period ».

Shops that agree to comply with the rules of individual and collective protection are labeled « collection points » and a poster will be displayed on their display case to specify the days and times of withdrawal from the store. Travel intended for the withdrawal of a package or an order is authorized as « travel to make purchases of first necessity », regardless of the nature of the goods.

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A ceremony of May 8 in select committee in Caromb, residents invited to decorate their balconies in national colors

In Caromb, the town hall indicates that the ceremony of May 8 will take place in a select committee. It will not be open to the public. The wreath laying at the War Memorial will be in the presence of Mayor Léopold Meynaud, the President of the Veterans and the standard bearer. The municipality offers residents to decorate their balconies with national colors.

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Access to the forest massifs also still prohibited

Other prefectural orders extended until May 11:

– That imposing the closing of mini-markets, shops whose main activity is the sale of take-away drinks and shops whose main activity is the sale of take-away meals from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.

– The one prohibiting access to the forest massifs of the department.

– The one prohibiting the use of fire throughout the department.

Tourist rentals prohibited until May 11 in Vaucluse

The prefectoral decree banning tourist accommodation rentals in the Vaucluse is extended until May 11. The ban covers hotel rooms, furnished accommodation and other accommodation intended for tourist rental.

Exceptions are provided “to take into account rentals that are allocated to a person’s regular home, emergency accommodation and professional needs. The persons concerned must justify to their host the reasons for their accommodation request. « 

Good morning all. Stay home !

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As part of the campaign to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, measures to strictly reduce travel outside the home are taken until May 10, inclusive.

1. In order to avoid any grouping of people, each citizen is invited to stay at home. Only trips meeting the following scenarios are authorized: commuting to work when the professional activity cannot be postponed; supply of basic necessities; medical outings; travel for compelling family reasons; short outings close to home intended for individual physical activity and the needs of pets.

People wishing to benefit from this special regime must have a travel certificate for each of their trips outside their home.

2. With regard to commuting to work where the professional activity cannot be postponed, a specific certificate to be completed by the employer is now downloadable online.