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Two raccoons break into a bank in California, images of the « robbery » circulate on American TVs – Insurance for Pets

A raton sink. Illustration photo. (BRITTA PEDERSEN / DPA CENTRAL PICTURE)

The story takes place in the United States, in California, and in this period of tension in a country divided by its presidential campaign, here is information, unusual, which transcends political divisions and makes people smile. It was Tuesday, October 20, around 7 a.m. in the town of Redwood. A man comes to withdraw money from the ATM of the Chase bank when he sees movement inside the branch. Looking through the glass, he comes across two intruders, masked, obviously, since they were two raccoons, this animal that looks like a nice gray plush, with a black and white striped tail and rimmed eyes. black.

In the video surveillance footage, the couple can be seen taking over a desk, one showing the chair comically to the other, with his paw outstretched, as if to indicate the direction to take to continue their journey. research. Not very successful, it must be said, since they only found the bottom of a package of almond cakes in a drawer.

On the way, they vandalized a computer screen and scattered a few files on the ground, before the police and SPA agents arrived and pushed them towards the exit, after a ten-minute chase in the area. ‘agency. As with any intrusion into a bank, an investigation ensued because, if raccoons are able to enter without raising the alarm, other curious, more human ones could do the same.

And it was their muddy paw prints that betrayed them: we found them on the trunk of a tree that they climbed, before jumping on a ventilation grid to make their way through the ducts. , until the false ceiling gave way under their weight and fell into the hall.

A micro-event which fascinated local televisions. The bank was visited by CBS, ABC, or FOX News. Because it’s cute (obviously), that it does not require a tray full of controversies to discuss it and, above all, it only generates positive, amused, even moved comments. Witness the shares, by the thousands, on social networks of this story, making the raccoon the unlikely antidote to gloom and division.

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