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Vincent van Dijk is marketing manager for the Netherlands at Puratos, an international supplier of raw materials and ingredients for the bakery, confectionery and chocolate industry. Van Dijk explains that Puratos attaches great value to consumer research: ‘We can filter trends for the coming years from our own consumer research and base our product development and support our customers on that.’

Own consumer research

Van Dijk: ‘The Taste Tomorrow research consists of three parts. The first is the consumer survey, which surveys some 19,000 consumers worldwide every two to three years. The second part is our online Trendradar. That radar is based on artificial intelligence that we link to the various social media. For example, this shows the most used words in our sector and thus the trends. For example, we saw that ‘desem’ was the third most discussed topic worldwide on social media in 2020. Finally, we follow a number of so-called foodies. We ask what they base certain choices on, what is going on around them when it comes to eating and what they would like to see themselves.’

‘In 2020, the word ‘desem’ was the third most discussed topic on social media worldwide.’

Puratos is happy to share the results of the studies, with the aim of helping the baker determine a range with which he can distinguish himself.

Online purchases are on the rise

Van Dijk: ‘Of the Dutch population, 15% indicate that they do their shopping online every month. This is double from three years ago. When we look at online purchases of both bread and pastries, these have more than doubled. This trend has accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are already apps that a bakery can use to create its own online ordering system, such as Bakeronline.’

Digital and physical shopping go hand in hand

‘The most important reason for those who do not yet purchase online is that they miss the personal contact with an online purchase,’ continues van Dijk. ‘It is therefore not surprising that 91% of the Dutch state that they do not want the shops to disappear from the streets. But the expectations people have about shopping have certainly changed. It is increasingly becoming an experience in which digital and physical shopping increasingly go hand in hand. One in three consumers also indicate that they want to be inspired by an extensive online product range.’

Personal health will increasingly play a role

‘Three years ago we saw that health was playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions. As a result, expectations regarding nutrition have also changed. The expectation of nutrition is moving more and more towards holistic health (physical and mental well-being), achieved by removing the “unhealthy” ingredients, for example sugars and fats, or adding more power ingredients, such as fibre.’

‘Food should not only be nutritious, but food is also expected to play a role in strengthening health.’

‘Food should not only be nutritious, but it is therefore also expected that food plays a role in strengthening health. Think of intestinal flora, immunity and mental balance. As a result, we see an increase in popularity for fermented products, such as sourdough, but also products with nuts, fruit and fibres. Puratos will therefore focus more on Healthy & Vital.’

Plant-based or plant-based food

‘A topic that we can no longer ignore is plant-based,’ continues van Dijk. ‘A trend that continues to grow at a fast pace. 63% of the Dutch buy plant-based food every month. But why is the consumer opting for that now? About half of the people indicate that they consider plant-based foods to be healthier than animal foods. Another reason is the positive impact on nature.’

‘Health and ethics are becoming increasingly important, but products must also remain tasty!’

‘Puratos also has plant-based products in its range and stays as close as possible to the familiar taste and quality. Because consumers don’t want to make concessions in terms of taste.’

Ethical choices matter

‘People also find it increasingly important that when making a product, the effect on our planet, but also the effect on people, is taken into account. When we look at the first, we see that consumers are increasingly concerned with combating waste.’

‘We are looking at the possibilities of making upcycled bread, with ingredients that would normally be lost as a by-product in a production process.’

‘Consumers are increasingly interested in products made from recycled raw materials. That is why we are looking at the possibilities to upcycled to be able to make bread, with ingredients that would normally be lost as a by-product in a production process.’

Future of the bakery

Van Dijk concludes: ‘Consumers do not want the baker to disappear from the street scene and in the future increasingly expect a combination between physical and online and offer that fits in with the developments of a healthier lifestyle, including ethical considerations. But above all, it should also remain tasty!’

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