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Your dog, cat, NAC or horse has a health concern, and you want the advice of a veterinarian to treat it without leaving your home? We have the solution!

We all have a busy daily life, with lots of activities and obligations that take us time. And it’s often during a particularly busy week that extra tasks get added to the to-do list!

If your dog or cat has a health problem and you don’t have enough time to take him to the veterinarian, video veterinary advice is a good way to get the advice of a medical professional without leaving your home.

How to use veterinary advice from a distance?

There are several options for interacting with a remote animal health professional, such as contacting your regular vet over the phone, or using a service dedicated to veterinary telecontrol.

CallMyVet is a mobile application that can be downloaded to a smartphone, and from which you can contact a veterinarian in just a few minutes. Just create a profile for your animal, then select the problem for which you want to have the advice of a veterinarian. After entering your credit card, you are immediately put in touch with an available veterinarian, whose qualifications are verified by the application team.

So, for € 19, pet owners can talk to a veterinarian the time it takes to get the best advice for their dog, cat or rodent, 24 hours a day.

It’s a huge time saver when you have a busy schedule, and allows your pet to be cared for at any time, not just during the opening hours of a veterinary practice.

If your pet does not support traveling by car and going to the veterinarian, having it treated remotely eliminates a lot of stress, for you and for him, in addition to avoiding the risk of contamination in the room. waiting at the cabinet.

In addition, as it is a veterinary service, CallMyVet is covered by insurance and mutual insurance for pets, depending on the level of protection chosen. All you need is an iPhone or Android smartphone and an Internet connection!

Recently updated, CallMyVet now includes a virtual health book for your animal, with tracking of its weight, vaccines, and dewormers. It will even soon be possible to find a calendar of veterinary appointments, as well as documents related to the animal.

When to use video veterinary advice?

If your little companion has an urgent health problem, such as ingesting toxic products or serious stomach problems, seeking the advice of an online veterinarian right away could save your pet’s life.

The speed of contact with a veterinarian allows you to be as reactive as possible, and to make emergency gestures that can change everything thanks to the help of your veterinarian from a distance.

The health professional on the phone will tell you how to do this, and whether to take your pet to an emergency veterinary office or not.

You can also seek the advice of an animal health professional remotely for any non-urgent problem, such as itching, crusting or other skin conditions, weight gain, or anything else you are concerned about.

We must differentiate the teleconsultation from teleconsultation

It is important to distinguish the teleconference from teleconsultation: the first allows the veterinarian to give you an opinion on the health status of your animal, but does not authorize him to provide a prescription or establish a diagnosis.

As for teleconsultation, it is a complete remote veterinary consultation, conducted with the strictest respect for the Order of Veterinarians and the values ​​of the profession.

Teleconsultation is now authorized by the state for a period of 18 months, provided that the veterinarian consulted has seen the animal at least once in the 365 days preceding the remote appointment.

This teleconsultation allows the caregiver to provide prescriptions to his patients, even from a distance. Soon, it will be possible to make an appointment for a veterinary teleconsultation with the Callmyvet application, to have your pet treated with ease.

Of course, the healthcare professional that you will consult online will be able to tell you if a physical consultation of the animal is essential, as well as rapid management to start the necessary treatment.

Remote veterinary advice is therefore a great way to be reassured in a short time that your dog, cat, NAC or horse does not have a more serious problem!

So to avoid time-consuming trips, use veterinary advice on video, to save time and serenity in relation to the health of your animal.


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