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Trapped in a well 60 meters deep, a puppy waits a week for help from the rescue! – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 12/06/2020 at 8:13 a.m.

Written by Norman Bougé
in the category Rescues

© Istanbul firefighters (İstanbul İtfaiyesi)

A dog was one day desperate to exit a well after an unnoticed fall. A Turkish minister intervened to save him.

In Turkey, the city of Beykoz was the scene of a tragedy for a dog fallen into a well with a depth of 60 meters. After a week, the residents of the neighborhood heard her moans. When they arrived, the rescue team was not sure how to get it out of a well barely 30 centimeters in diameter.

But the latter did not intend to abandon the poor beast.

Firefighters and organizations animal rescue came as reinforcements. They started by setting up a tent that would shelter the dog in the event of rain. They then brought down a camera which would show them what state the animal was in.

Terrified and desperate after all this time spent alone at the bottom of the well, the dog had to wait another 10 days after which the rescuers still did not manage to save him. The latter did their utmost for the heal and the feed while they were trying to find a solution. They notably informed the Turkish media and the national TV.

It was then that the Minister of Energy, Berat Albayrak, got wind of the matter and enjoined the Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises, state-owned mining company, to handle rescue, reports The Dodo.

Thanks to a mechanical device, the dog was finally able to be reassembled.

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The dog’s ordeal was finally over. Reviewed by veterinarians, he is doing well and was adopted by the firefighters who baptized him Kuyu, « Bien » in French.