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In circuses, water parks and zoos, wild animals are the stars. But the time for wild animal shows may be running out. According to a recent poll, more than one in two French people would support their ban. When you leave a dolphinarium, the audience is divided. « I don’t think animals are hurting, now this is not their natural habitat », explains a woman. « I’m not against it because children can see animals in real life », indicates a tourist.

The questions are the same under a marquee in the Paris region. Some cities have already given up on shows with wild animals. Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) is the latest to have banned it. « We do not accept in 2020 that there are animals suffering in Marseille. It is not the circuses that are in our sights, it is animal suffering », confides Benoît Payan, first deputy at the town hall of Marseille.

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