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Top Ten Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe During New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Insurance for Pets

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While New Year’s fireworks signal movement in 2022, loud celebrations can cause fear in pets.

Animal lovers across the UK are urged to be extra careful during the holiday season as loud fireworks cause unrest among beloved cats and dogs.

New research shows how to care for animals during New Years fireworksCredit: Getty

Almost three-quarters (71%) of pets nationwide become stressed or restless on New Years Eve, according to recent research.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has ruled out the continuation of the famous New Years fireworks display by the riverside in London, despite assurances from Prime Minister Boris Johnson that no further restrictions will be introduced.

But even without the extraordinary light show, locally staged fireworks are still expected to take place across the country.

Professor Peter Neville, a UK specialist in pet behavior, says sudden or prolonged loud noises can frighten cats and dogs.

He said, “Cats and dogs have a much sharper sense of hearing than humans. So the loud explosions, crackles, and hisses are probably surprisingly audible over an even wider range than we humans are familiar with.

« The loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks can look different every time, yet explode at different intervals, so dogs and cats can’t get used to the same way they do. » get used to the noise of traffic or flying planes. , for example. « 

Pet owners have taken a series of initiatives to protect their pets from sporadic blasts and cracker blasts.

Research by the free TV Music App ROXi found that one in four (25%) used the sounds of a radio or CD to try and soothe them, while a pet parent on five (20%) turned to pop music.

Some (13%) preferred to try the calm of acoustic songs while 23% hoped to ease the anxiety of their four-legged companions with nature sounds like flowing rivers and crashing waves.

But there are ways to prepare pets for fireworks, and steps can be taken to prevent pets from panicking.

One tip is to walk dogs during daylight hours to avoid times when fireworks are likely to be set off.

Outdoor activity is likely to tire them more and it will help them relax and doze off indoors later.

Bring allowed cats outside into the house well before dark to prevent them from panicking outside and getting lost after dark and the fireworks start.

Trying to feed animals after exercise but before dusk can also be helpful – as a full stomach also causes drowsiness in a warm house.

Also, try to ignore the sound of fireworks and storms yourself so that your pet will not obey you and become more alarmed.

Pets can be terrified by loud noises during fireworksCredit: Getty

10 Ways to Soothe Your Pet During Fireworks

1. Go for daytime walks

2. Dinner time before dusk

3. Close the hatches

4. Find a safe place

5. Develop the concept of « den »

6. Play music and video clips to sweeten your pet

7. Wrap them up

8. Try a pheromone diffuser

9. Play with your pet

10. Start desensitizing your pet to loud noises.

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