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Cats are known to be adventurous and can get lost or put themselves in danger. Here is our comparison of the best GPS collars for cats. The best of connected necklaces.

Since ancient times, the Egyptians used collars as an ornament for their cats. These animals were also sacred to them and did not hesitate to mummify them after their death. Although they subsequently lost their sacredness and were more simply used to ward off rodents, cats have remained faithful pets whose purrs and silky coats are appreciated. These felines also fascinate with their gaze and agility. Also, many owners use collars for their cat that they are anti-flea or decorative, with their name and now also connected collars. Discover the best GPS collars for cats and connected collars for felines.

What are the best GPS collars for cats?

Whether in a house or in an apartment, cats have always been adventurous and do not hesitate to move away from their home to discover the world around them. Some cats are not always very loyal and do not hesitate to change homes. The risk of accident or loss during an escapade is very real and connected necklaces can bring more peace to their owner. Studies estimate that one in three cats will be lost at least once in their life and that 26% of lost cats are never found. Also, we have listed the best GPS collars for cats so that you always know where your pet is and even a lot more for some collars with advanced functions.

Weenect Cats 2: the smallest of the GPS cat collars

Weenect Cats 2 is characterized above all by its small size which will not interfere with the movements of your cat. This connected collar of course offers a GPS function for tracking your pet, in real time and without distance limit. You will be able to locate your cat most easily on a map. Localization is done via a smartphone application available on iOS or Android. You can use the classic map mode as well as the satellite view, the compass mode or the radar mode to find your adventurous cat. Localization is done everywhere, even in the countryside and in areas with little telephone network coverage. 99% of the territory is thus covered.

A connected collar that allows you to track your movements

In addition to real-time tracking, the Weenect Cats 2 GPS cat collar offers you a location history to know what your feline’s routes are, the extent of its territory as well as the places it prefers. In addition to the plot of his adventures, the dedicated application lets you know how far he has traveled in his day as well as the time he has spent sleeping and playing.

Definition of a security perimeter

The connected collar also allows define a safety zone for your pet. If your cat leaves the area you have defined or if it approaches a road for example, you will automatically receive an alert on your smartphone.

A connected collar to train your cat to recall

Finally, the Weenect Cats 2 GPS collars for cats offer an ingenious system for educating your feline. It actually has a ringtone and vibrator. You will be able to educate your cat, thanks to the Pavlovian principle of the hour of the croquettes by making vibrate and ring its collar at this moment. Once the action is associated, no need to shake the packet of kibble to call it, you just have to ring your necklace to see it coming running to you.

Weenect Cats 2 GPS Collar Price

The Weenect Cats 2 GPS cat collar is priced at 49.90 euros. Please note, however, that a monthly subscription is essential to be able to benefit from all the functions. This subscription is available from 3.75 euros per month. You can order it directly on:

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker: a very complete connected cat collar

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker is also a very complete GPS collar for cats. This leather collar is waterproof and impact resistant. It offers real-time location of your cat anywhere in the world thanks to its operation on a mobile network. The position is updated every 2 or 3 seconds allowing precise localization.

Track history

This connected collar also allows you to track your cat’s movements during the day. You will be able to discover the extent of its territory, if it moves away a lot from your home or where it passes. A very practical function to know your preferences.

Define a security zone

The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker GPS Collar for cats gives you the possibility to define a safe perimeter such as, for example, your garden and your house. If your cat leaves this perimeter, you will automatically receive an alert on your phone to warn you of a potential dangerous adventure.

Activity monitoring for your health

This connected cat collar also allows you to have valuable information on their health and well-being. You will be able to see how long he has been active during the day, how many calories he has consumed, how much time he spent sleeping and even set goals for his health. Interesting information for his well-being that will allow you to have a healthy cat.

Price of the GPS Collar for cats Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

You will have to pay 49.99 euros to get this model of GPS collar for your cat. Note, however, that a subscription of 4.79 euros per month is necessary to be able to take advantage of GPS tracking. You can order the GPS collar on:

SureFlap Connected Cat Collars and Smart Cat Flap

SureFlap cat flaps and their connected collars are very different from the models offered above. No GPS tracking but a smart cat flap. This smart cat flap will only open for your pet, letting intruders out. Concretely, the cat flap will read the electronic chip of the connected cat collar and open when your pet approaches.

No problem if you have several cats, these smart cat flaps can be programmed for up to 32 pets. Different models are available with specific sizes. Some models offer manual or electronic locking as well as selective entry and exit. After a certain time, for example, you can prohibit your cat from going out.

Count 70 euros for the simplest model and 159 euros for the most advanced smart cat door model with connected collar. To order: here or below.

How to choose a GPS collar for cats?

The prices of GPS collars for cats are significantly lower than GPS collars for dogs. The price is therefore less of an element to be taken into consideration. Remember, however, that some necklaces must be accompanied by a monthly subscription of a few euros. Indeed, such a subscription is essential to be able to take advantage of the mobile telephone networks that locate your animal.

Then, among the elements to take into consideration, is if you only want a simple GPS location of your animal or also other functions such as, for example, the monitoring of its movements, its activity or the definition of a security perimeter. Finally, smart cat flaps with connected collar are also a good alternative for those who don’t mind letting their cat out.