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Tiger kills nurse in Swiss zoo – Insurance for Pets

In a tragic incident in the Swiss zoo Zoo Zurich, a 55-year-old caretaker was killed on Saturday afternoon. The woman was attacked by a Siberian tiger in front of the audience. How the incident could have happened is still under investigation. Today the zoo remains closed.

At around 1.20 p.m., the zoo’s emergency center was notified that a zookeeper had been attacked in the tiger enclosure. Colleagues rushed to the scene to lure the animal – 5-year-old Irina – away from the victim. Rescuers then tried in vain to resuscitate the woman. She died on the spot.

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It is not clear why the employee was staying with the tiger. « It should not be the case that the animal and the caretaker are in the same room at the same time », director Severin Dressen told a news conference. « Maybe there was a misunderstanding. »

Visitors witness

The authorities have launched an investigation into the facts of the drama. Some visitors to Zoo Zurich witnessed the tiger attack. They have been offered psychological help. « Our thoughts are with the next of kin of the employee », let management know.

The park is closed today out of respect. Two Siberian tigers live in Zoo Zurich: the female Irina and the male Sayan. Last fall, the zoo was also the scene of a pain accident. Then a crocodile had to be shot after biting a nurse.

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