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For several weeks now, the media have been inundating us with very anxiety-provoking news about the increasing number of cases. They hardly ever talk about the number of deaths or intensive care admissions, and for good reason, there are hardly any more. These cases, most of them asymptomatic, result mechanically from the fact that today we are testing massively. Obviously, if you multiply the tests, you multiply the number of positive cases, without this having any consequences whatsoever in terms of public health.

Because it is obvious that health measures such as confinement, the wearing of compulsory masks or restrictions on our constitutional rights can only be justified when the circumstances absolutely require it, when for example the disease would kill by the tens of thousands. every week, and that health care services would be overwhelmed to the point of no longer being able to fulfill their public health mission.

Only here we are, today we are far from it. The number of « cases » is exploding, but no one is dying from covid:

And the situation is comparable in Belgium:

Covid19, great plague or pretext for the establishment of a dictatorship?

We must face the facts, today the coercive measures and other freedom-killing laws still in force in most industrialized countries no longer find the slightest justification in terms of public health.

What if Australia foreshadows our own future?

In the European media, little is said about the development of the situation in Australia, except, once again, to mention a « record increase in the number of cases in the state of Victoria ». You will have noticed that here again, we are talking about cases, we are not talking about overwhelmed hospitals or deaths by the tens of thousands.

What exactly is the situation in Australia, in terms of the number of covid deaths compared to other industrialized countries?

You’re not dreaming, Australia is at the bottom of the graph, with, at the time of this writing, 14.86 deaths per million inhabitants compared to 465.87 for France and 857.23 for Belgium. It should also be noted that for Australia, which is located in the southern hemisphere, the epidemic did not really start until the heart of winter, that is at the beginning of July. There is nothing more normal, and nothing to prevent it.

However, it turns out that this country, and more particularly the state of Victoria, has taken it one step further towards a health dictatorship by declaring a state of disaster. In practice, this gives practically all the powers to the government, judge instead:

Complete lockdown, you can only leave your home within a radius of 5 km and only for reasons considered essential such as getting food, going to your doctor or walking the dog. Only one outing per day is authorized in this context, for one person per household.

Closure of schools, businesses deemed non-essential and non-essential businesses.

« Authorized » workers will be issued a special permit to be able to go to their place of work. Companies that issue such certificates for their employees when their business is deemed non-essential are liable to a fine of $ 99,132, and the worker who uses it to a fine of $ 19,826

Establishment of a curfew from 8 p.m. and until 5 a.m. the next day. The only trips authorized during the curfew are to get to the emergency room or to work (see previous point).

If you leave the home to engage in physical activity, this can only be done once a day and for no longer than an hour.

Wedding ceremonies are prohibited, funerals can only be done in the presence of a maximum of 10 people.

Police can now enter private property without a warrant « if they believe the rules have been violated »

In the press, Minister of Emergencies Lisa Neville explains that:

The decision to appeal to the powers was « not taken lightly, » Neville said on Aug. 2, but to help enforce the new curfew as well as « public order issues » such as oversight. crowds in supermarkets to prevent panic shopping, or to prevent protests. « For those who want to test the powers of the police, it puts them out of doubt, » she said. “Extraordinary powers for extraordinary times. « 

Like that, it is said. It just makes you wonder what amazing times she’s talking about, except to think that it is precisely this new normal that would be extraordinary.

The final word

The establishment of a dictatorship under cover of an alleged health crisis in the state of Victoria, before extending it, no doubt, to all of Australia, should make us reflect on the real objectives pursued by our leaders, especially when they keep telling us about a « second wave », perfectly fantasized, which would impose the introduction of measures even more draconian than those we have known.

Dictatorship, but for your own good, eh.