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« They are not going to come and eat us », reassures a veterinarian after the destruction of the Saint-Martin-Vésubie wolf park – Insurance for Pets

At least one wolf in this park is dead, but she hopes the five older people who lived in the upper section survived the wave that swept through the village on Saturday.

« An arctic wolf is dead », indicates on its Facebook page the Mixed Syndicate for the Development of the Vésubie Valley, which takes care of the Alpha Park. This animal park, located in Saint-Martin-Vésubie, notably hosts a dozen wolves and was partly destroyed after the passage of storm Alex.

The Mixed Union specifies that a team was able to go there. « Everything is not destroyed, even if the park has suffered heavy damage in some areas, he describes.

Enclosures are still intact with healthy wolves and chamois. We were able to feed them and they are calm.Mixed union for the development of the Vésubie valleypage Facebook

For her part, Véronique Luddeni, a veterinarian who takes care of wolves in the Mercantour National Natural Park, hopes that the five old wolves who lived in the upper part of the park « were able to escape ».

She ensures that they do not represent any danger for the population. « They are not going to come to Saint-Martin-Vésubie to eat us », she explained. « The wolf is intelligent, it is a social animal, it has plenty of other animals to eat ». However, she fears for possible survivors in the wild: « The only danger for them is to find the wild packs which are just above, and that there are fights between wolves », she expresses.

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