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« There are bonuses for those who kill the most », denounces a former employee of the Sobeval slaughterhouse – Insurance for Pets

Denounced by the L214 association, Sobeval’s practices are at the heart of a veterinary investigation. Activities are currently suspended. The slaughterhouse is suspected of cruelty to animals.

Employee of the Sobeval calf slaughterhouse of Boulazac in Dordogne for eight months, Chris decided to leave his post after the broadcasting of the video of the animal protection association L214, denouncing in particular on February 20 « dizziness carried out in violation of the regulations », reports Saturday, February 29, France Bleu Périgord.

With his face uncovered, Chris testifies to the working conditions on the slaughter line. « The barbarism, the slaughter, the awakening of animals on the butchering lines, it’s not normal », he denounces. He maintains that the video broadcast by the association « was a trigger in [sa] decision to leave [son] position. « 

I saw animals, their throats cut, vomiting by the neck, these are things that we do not forget.Chris a former Sobeval employeeat France Bleu

The former Sobeval employee criticizes his former company for a constant race for profitability, ensuring that a quota of 90 to 100 calves slaughtered per hour is required by management: « In cases of extreme cadence, it can go up to 140 », says Chris to France Bleu Périgord.

« Profit bonuses are distributed to the employees who kill the most », he points out. Chris says he « There is pressure from management, the hierarchy and the other employees to have a higher rate and there is pressure between employees not to speak, not to take photos ».

The Ministry of Agriculture asked Friday for the suspension of the slaughterhouse, ten days after the broadcast of the shock video and after an inspection of the slaughterhouse in Boulazac. According to France Bleu Périgord, in a press release published on Saturday, the meat sector requests the reopening of the slaughterhouse next Tuesday.