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the Vincennes zoo has reopened – Insurance for Pets

They wake up very slowly. The period of confinement for penguins was very favorable for them: two were born. « Their lives went on in a completely normal way. Admittedly there were no more visitors on site, but the carers, notably the veterinarians, were on the front line to take care of them, like the 2,500 animals in the park daily », says Pierre-Yves Bureau, director of the Paris Zoological Park.

Visits resumed Monday, June 8. Has there been a change of reaction from his animals? « Not at all, there was no break in the human-animal link during this period of confinement due to the mobilization of the teams », specifies Pierre-Yves Bureau. The visits therefore resumed with a very strict health protocol to be respected, such as, for example, the wearing of the mandatory mask, but also online reservations to come and visit the zoo of the capital.

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