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In Lapland, reindeer races are still followed. It is a sporting competition that brings together jockeys and breeders.

On the frozen lakes of Lapland, teams of reindeer spin at almost 60 km/h. Finnish reindeer herders carry on the tradition of these unique races in the world. Antti Pätsi, jockey, has been practicing this sport since the age of 12. During the two days of competition, he will cover around thirty races. Each of them represents more than a minute of intense effort to keep your balance on cross-country skis. You also have to stimulate the reindeer and avoid collisions.

The importance of reindeer herders

The competition takes place between jockeys, but also between breeders, who come from all over Lapland. Sanna-Mari Kynkäänniemi, a reindeer herder, selected three for the race. « He must be fast, and above all, he must like to run« , she explains. The reindeer herder who wins the final gets a reward of 1,000 euros. This is a prestigious and coveted title. To determine the winner: « it’s the reindeer’s nose that counts and it’s important that the jockeys have both straps in their hands, tight“, explains Heikki Kivinen, judge of the competition.

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