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The curfew implemented in Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Grenoble raises many questions © Pathdoc

This Friday evening, at midnight, the curfew comes into force in Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Grenoble. His goal ? Limit the circulation of the Covid-19 virus in France and thus avoid congestion in hospitals. With an average of 20,000 new cases per day in France, the previous restrictions put in place are no longer enough. The Prime Minister thus pointed out a  » sudden and dramatic acceleration »Contaminations for ten days.

A state of health emergency has been declared. It will come into effect this Saturday, October 17. In this context, the  » epidemic braking Appears as the  » only real strategy Possible, recalls Jean Castex. The President of the Republic therefore announced last night the establishment of the curfew. Private relationships are specifically targeted by this constraint. Indeed, the places where everyone evolves without a mask and without social distancing are areas of active circulation of the virus. However, there will be no travel restrictions, with the president calling on everyone to be accountable. Explanations.

1. Does the curfew really work?

According to a study carried out in Guyana, the curfew would indeed be effective in fighting the epidemic progression. Thus, since the spring, the curfew in Guyana has reduced the transmission of the virus by 36% and up to 50% of hospitalizations in intensive care. A curfew that started at 11 p.m. and ended at 5 a.m. It is therefore assumed that the curfew implemented in the affected cities will be all the more effective the longer it lasts.

In Lyon, the curfew extended to the entire metropolis

2. Is the whole of France subject to this curfew?

The establishment of the curfew will concern the areas most affected by Covid-19. Thus, the Ile-de-France region and eight metropolises are concerned. Lyon, Lille, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Montpellier, Aix-Marseille, Rouen and Toulouse will have to respect this new restriction.

Please note that the curfew will be applied throughout the Lyon Metropolis. The 59 municipalities of Greater Lyon are thus affected, from Quincieux to Givors and from Craponne to Jonage. That is more than 1.4 million inhabitants forced to stay at home at night.

3. How long will the curfew last?

The driving ban will be effective from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. for 4 weeks. Or until the weekend of November 14-15. However, if Parliament validates the Head of State’s request, the measure will extend until 1is December. The curfew could therefore last for 6 weeks.

The first 2 weeks, the President of the Republic will be attentive to the evolution of the contamination rates per day. The goal ? Reduce the 20,000 new cases per day currently observed to less than 5,000. If the curve does not decrease by then, changes to the curfew will be considered. In particular a lowering of the curfew to 8 p.m. or even 7 p.m.

Curfew: watch out for the patrol!

4. I have an appointment at 9 pm outside the metropolis, how do I get back?

From 9 p.m., travel is limited to the strict minimum. In case of meeting outside the metropolis, few choices are available to you. Sleep there or move the meeting time to be able to go home at 9 p.m. maximum.

On the other hand, if it is a life-threatening emergency or a trip to acquire drugs from the on-call pharmacy, trips are authorized despite the curfew. Note that health establishments may however refuse access to the accompanying person. Taking your pet out or helping a loved one in a situation of dependency cannot constitute a fault. Likewise, if proof is provided, travel by train or plane arriving after 9 p.m. is also authorized.

5. What is the risk if we do not respect the curfew?

For any trip without valid proof, you risk a fine of 135 € in the event of a police check. A fine of € 1,500 in the event of a repeat offense. 12,000 police and gendarmes will thus be deployed to control public space during these 6 weeks.

The Head of State clarified that he did not wish to set up «  a driving ban, but a strict limitation for good reasons « . A dispensation may therefore be granted, the police having to assess the strict necessity of the trip.

Public transport maintained in the evening

6. I am a night bus driver. Will I keep my job?

Despite the curfew, Emmanuel Macron specified that public transport will not be subject to any restriction or limitation of movement after 9 p.m. Indeed, unlike confinement, the transport sector will continue to operate normally. The goal ? Allow those who owe it to be able to travel and ensure a financial windfall for the assets concerned.

Note that all night workers, regardless of their sector of activity, will be able to benefit from proof of travel. The proof will also be valid for those who return from work after 9 p.m., although changes in the work schedule are recommended.

Curfew in the evening, telecommuting during the day

7. I’m joining my family tonight. We will be 8 people in total. Do I have the right?

The President of the Republic also announced the limitation of groupings to 6 people. All private parties are prohibited throughout the country. However, within the family framework and within a property, the police will not have the possibility of sanctioning. Compliance with this rule is therefore left to everyone’s responsibility.

Be careful, however, when moving. Reuniting with your family is authorized but movement within the metropolises concerned cannot be done after 9 p.m. It will therefore be necessary to adapt its schedules to remain within the framework of the law.

8. Why continue to go to work during the day and risk being infected?

Emmanuel Macron did not wish to reconfine the large metropolises. The reason ? Ensure that the assets can work and run the country’s economy. While the virus also circulates during the day, the labor sector remains less affected than the private sector.

However, to reduce collective pressure, companies that can do so will have to introduce or increase teleworking. On average and if possible, 2 to 3 days a week. Note that this measure is not limited to the areas concerned but extends to the entire French territory.

Reinforced aid for the most affected sectors

9. I am a restaurateur and the curfew is killing my profession. What should I do ?

The head of state did not deny the difficulties that restaurant owners face. Some will decide to close, others to continue. As for other sectors such as theater, cinema and events, additional measures and aid will therefore be established to allow a decent income.

The government will introduce a  » local consultation »This Friday with trades heavily impacted by the curfew. If the health situation justifies the measures, the economic and personal impact should be as low as possible. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron has assured his support and declares that he does not want that  » VSEs and SMEs go bankrupt because of the curfew ».

For these sectors, partial unemployment supported increases to 100% for employers and 84% net for employees. The special funds (solidarity fund, loan guaranteed by the State) are also being extended. Finally, exceptional aid over the next 6 weeks will be put in place for beneficiaries of RSA and APL. 150 € to beneficiaries, as well as 100 € per child.

10. Are sporting and cultural events held in the evening?

Cinemas can open their doors within the time limit imposed by the State. The rule of one in two seats will apply and the number of people will be limited to 1000. Sporting events, such as football matches, are maintained despite the curfew. However, they will be held behind closed doors until further notice.


Among the other measures and announcements detailed by Jean Castex:

  • In traffic areas such as shops and throughout the territory, the number of visitors will be regulated to allow a space of 4 square meters per person.

  • While the nasopharyngeal PCR test remains the most reliable, other tests will soon be available. Citizens should be able to self-test or use other types of testing. All these new measures should make it possible to drastically reduce delays. 5 million tests were thus ordered.

  • Faced with the failure of the Stop-Covid application, the President of the Republic announced the creation of a new “All Anti-Covid” application. Like the previous one, the latter will allow tracing of contamination, but will also inform users.

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