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The terrible toll of the European Union and Capitalism: 85% of the # COVID-19 deaths are European! – Insurance for Pets

Everyone can terribly deplore the catastrophic toll of the capitalist system in managing the COVID-19 epidemic.

It is enough to compare the number of deaths in China and in the European Union and this while the epidemic is stopped in China, and that it is not finished in Europe:

As of April 5, according to figures released by worldometers, the results of the Covid-19 epidemic were as follows:

  • Popular China:
    • population 1,386,000,000 inhabitants
    • number of dead 3,329
    • number of deaths per million inhabitants 2 deaths per million inhabitants
    • GDP per capita $ 8,827 / capita
  • European Union :
    • population 512,400,000 inhabitants
    • number of dead: 43,013
    • number of deaths per million inhabitants: 84 deaths per million inhabitants
    • GDP per capita $ 36,690 / capita
  • France :
    • population 66,990,000 inhabitants
    • number of dead: 8,078
    • number of deaths per million inhabitants: 120.5 deaths per million inhabitants
    • GDP per capita $ 38,477 / capita

The terrible record of the European Capital Union

The results are already terrible for the European Union. On the evening of April 5, 84% of the 69,402 dead from COVID-19 are residents of the European Union.

The European Union, with its wealth per capita 4 times that of China, has 40 times more deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic. Even the richest country in the EU, Germany has 8 times more deaths per capita than China.

If China has been more efficient, has more means to protect the health of its people, it is not a question of money, China has less than the EU! It is a matter of choice, priority, political system. Recall that whatever one thinks of recent economic developments, People’s China has a strongly socialist economy, with most of the means of production under state control.

The crisis is also indicative of the criminal policies of euro austerity carried out by Brussels under the aegis of Berlin and all European employers.

We will thus observe that Germany, the country which benefits the most from the European Union – one of the few to generate large budget surpluses by bleeding the countries of southern Europe thanks to the Euro – and which has therefore also the most hospital beds per inhabitant at a COVID 19 mortality rate at present of 19 per million, compared to 266 for Italy, 263 for Spain, 124 for France and Belgium…

Capitalism: their profits rather than our lives!

The United States of America, at the very beginning of the epidemic, with 29 deaths per million inhabitants already has 10 times more deaths than People’s China

In fact, the leading countries of Euro-Atlantic imperialism, which concentrate most of the world’s wealth, are less able to protect their populations than China. Question of priorities and system. The priority of the European Union and the United States has been to permanently maximize the defense of capitalist profits. Refusing first of the restrictive measures for the production of the private companies, before proceeding to minimal measures. China, for its part, very quickly stopped its production, turned its production apparatus entirely to fight the epidemic and meet the needs of its population.

EU, Euro, Capitalism, Getting out of it to get by!

Yes, we will have to learn from this pandemic. While capitalism ravages our planetary ecosystem for the profits of a few billionaires, while it leaves us destitute, without even the capacity to produce masks in the 6th world economy, this exterminist system is obviously a serious threat to the ‘All of humanity.
Solidarity, sharing and sharing, in a word, communism, are on the contrary the way of the future.

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