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The SPA launches « Adoption Month » in its shelters to raise awareness about responsible adoption – Society – Insurance for Pets

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In this month of May, the SPA is launching « the month of adoption » in the 62 shelters and SPA Houses. An awareness campaign to promote responsible adoption in shelters.

« For the month of adoption, trust us », here is the slogan of the SPA for its operation « the month of adoption » which has just been launched in May. The goal? On the eve of the summer period, which unfortunately rhymes with abandonment for our four-legged companions, raise public awareness of the commitment represented by welcoming an animal to whom we offer a new start.

Mobilize teams to educate adopters

Aware that for a successful adoption, a human exchange combining trust and benevolence with the staff of the shelters who know their residents well is essential, the SPA is launching this month of adoption. This month, all of its teams will therefore be mobilized to best advise and support future adopters in order to raise their awareness of respect for animal welfare and limit abandonment. But the support was already established at the SPA which reveals that « in 2020, out of the 37,667 adoptions, only 3.8% of the adopted animals were the subject of a return ».

What is responsible adoption?

According to the SPA, before adopting, there is some essential information to know such as the average annual budget to plan for food and health care, the life expectancy of the dog or cat, the time it is will spend alone at home or even the organization of vacations. The shelter agent will also ensure that the animal enjoys good reception conditions according to its needs (garden, nearby park for a dog), will inquire about its future family environment (there is children, other animals in the household?), will ask the adopter if he has ever owned a pet or if he is often on the move.

An exchange of information between the shelter and the adopter which maximizes the guarantee of a responsible adoption.

The end of telework could scare our pets

« Our association is all the more vigilant with the placements of its little ones, in this period when telework and short-time working are the majority. After confinement, when we resume normal working conditions, we will have to arrange for our animals a period transition, so that they do not suddenly find themselves alone at home, which could lead to anxiety and behavioral problems, such as, for example, unwanted barking « , adds Jacques-Charles Fombonne, the volunteer president of the SPA.

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