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the SPA denounces an « instrumentalization of the animal » and calls for a « better supervision » of the sale of animals – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 10/12/2020 at 11:15 a.m.

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The SPA is launching its #StopAnimalObjet campaign so that pets are no longer considered as goods. The association wishes to obtain a modification of the law, so as to prohibit the sale of animals in pet stores and online.

The animals are living beings endowed with sensitivity, as stipulated in Code civil and the Code rural. So they are everything except goods. This is what the SPA through a communicated published on the occasion of the launch of its campaign fight against sale of dogs, cats and other companions in the pet stores and online, report France 3 Pays de la Loire.

Under the hashtag #StopAnimalObjet, the Society for the Protection of Animals actually wants to obtain  » the ban on the sale of animals in pet stores and the strict control of online ads », Indicates Jacques-Charles Fombonne, volunteer president of the association. The aim of the process is to  » put an end to the animal suffering market ».

The association seeks to encourage responsible adoption, which is the opposite of the sale in pet stores where the animal is considered  » like a commodity without worrying about what happens afterwards and it is a cause of abandonment ».

Through this public awareness campaign, the SPA wants change the law by integrating these 3 points:

  • The prohibition of creation or transfer of all commercial establishment sale of dogs and cats
  • Prohibition of the sale of animals outside the breeding activity from which he comes
  • Reserve the online ads to the only ones licensed breeders and professionals

France 3 Pays de la Loire collected the reactions to this initiative of various stakeholders in the region’s pet sector. Naïs Venanzi, responsible for refuge SPA d’Yvré-l’Évêque (72), often has to deal with cases of animals whose owners no longer want after taking them from online shopping sites. She recalls that the animal placement is a full-fledged profession, « which requires a lot of skills. You have to match a lot of criteria, which pet stores or online sales sites don’t do ».

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Francoise Hamon, breeder of Swiss White Shepherds at Héric (44) for a quarter of a century, has also supported the SPA campaign. She believes that pet stores do not offer  » not necessarily a context well suited for these small dogs « , Because their employees do not always have » the experience and qualities of the breeder who gives birth to his puppies and who is the most able to give advice so that the puppies evolve in their new family ».

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