Insurance for Pets

the SPA closes its shelters and its houses – Insurance for Pets

 » In accordance with the government’s COVID-19 action plan, our shelters and SPA homes will be closed to the public from this Sunday, March 15, until further notice. « , Indicates this Sunday March 15 the Society protecting animals (SPA) in a tweet.

Adoption by individual appointment

 » We are taking the necessary steps to put in place measures to allow future adoptions by individual appointment
« Continues the SPA which recalls that » to date, the message is clear: there is no evidence to suggest that pets are involved in the circulation of the virus (Source: WHO and OIE)  » Indeed, for the moment, the hypothesis of a transmission of Covid-19 between humans and domestic animals is rejected by the World Health Organization (WHO).

« Do not believe false information »

SPA calls “ the responsibility of pet owners not to believe false information circulating on this subject and which could have catastrophic consequences in terms of abandonment «