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The Somme polluted after an accidental release of soda on the North industrial area of ​​Amiens – Insurance for Pets


A  » accidental release « Of soda by the Procter & Gamble factory, located in the industrial area north of Amiens, is the source of a malfunction in the wastewater treatment plant and the discharge of untreated water into the Somme.

Alerted on Sunday June 21 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Amiens which manages the site, the Somme prefecture has issued a decree which prohibits  » until further notice »The consumption of fish, nautical activities, but also the taking of water from the river to water livestock, fill a swimming pool or water crops in some forty municipalities, located downstream from the Warin ditch (Dreuil-les- Amiens, Picquigny, Flixecourt, Abbeville, Le Crotoy…).

Water quality under analysis

The Somme prefecture has  » carried out an inter-service inspection to find out the origins of the dysfunction of the sanitation station. Analyzes of the water quality of the station are underway to measure the impact of the dilution in the Somme of the soda concentration of the discharged effluents « , Explains the prefecture of the Somme this Monday, June 22 in a press release.

 » The possible need for a station closure will be assessed in the light of the results of the analyzes. « 

The regional health agency (ARS) indicates for its part that  » discharges have no impact on water intended for human consumption « 

No catchment being carried out in the Somme.