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the sailboat of the French skipper Sébastien Destremau attacked for an hour by killer whales – Insurance for Pets

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S.Ricottier, Y.Junqua, G.Liaboeuf, Images Faceocean

France 2

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The navigator Sébastien Destremau was the victim of a great fright, when killer whales suddenly attacked his boat for almost an hour, near the Spanish coast.

The boat is immobilized, surrounded by a dozen orcas. For twenty minutes hes attacknt to the hull of the boat and have just broken the rudder which is the submerged part of the rudder, which worried Sébastien Destroyer, former skipper of the Vendée Globe. « It was impressive (…) They were playing with the boat »he points out. Fearing that the boat would sink, they contacted the Spanish coast guard.

« They have nothing against humans »

After 55 minutes, the orcas eventually get tired and move away. The meeting took place at Cape Trafalgar about ten kilometers from the coast of Cadiz in southern Spain. Specialists refute any idea of ​​aggressiveness in animals. « They have nothing against humans, but boats are either a source of fun, or there was an accident, and since that day orcas have been attacking boats »explains Francis Saranobiologist marine. To date, no fatal attacks have taken place in natural environment.

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