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  • Paula Wild Return Of The Wolf: Conflict And Coexistence
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S. Thomas, G. Pinol, P. Niccolaï, M. Genevois, E. Penot

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The return of the wolf worries the breeders and the inhabitants in the Clunisois, in Saône-et-Loire. Nearly 190 animals have been killed or injured since early April. The wolf plan has been triggered.

Hidden in the woods, or prowling near a village, the wolf can be anywhere. For months, the wild animal has been attacking herds of Saône-et-Loire. According to the official report, 190 animals were killed or injured. This is the main concern for sheep farmers. Julien Fuet, exhausted, suffered seven attacks in three weeks. « We sleep badly, we psycho, what will we find the next morning when we go to see our animals … Humanly, family and even at the animal level, it’s unbearable », deplores the sheep farmer.

It’s a shock to the locals, as the wolf hasn’t been seen here for a century, but it’s back. For their part, the defenders of the animal welcome it. « The wolf is a large predator, the ecosystem needs large predators, if only for natural regulation. There is an ascent of the wolf, but it is very slow. Officially, there are 580 wolves, c ‘is to say nothing on the scale of the metropolitan territory « , claims Rodolphe Gaziello, member of the association Le Klan du loup. This cohabitation is difficult and generates additional work; because if there are sheep that can be brought in at night, other flocks are too far from the sheepfolds. In addition, the prefecture has authorized certain breeders to shoot wolves, but the conditions are strict.

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