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The police arrested the two residents of the pop-up house on the Wibenaheerd in Groningen. The apartment dwellers are still not allowed to return home – Groningen – Insurance for Pets

The two residents of the house in Groningen where an explosion took place on Friday evening have been arrested. The duo are stuck on the desk. The police report this.

The flat in the Groningen district of Beijum is guarded on Saturday night. The residents of the complex are still unable to return home.

Another eviction on Saturday evening

Beijum was rocked by an explosion on Friday evening. The police initially thought of a gas leak and a problem with the oven. The residents got off with minor injuries.

On Saturday it became clear during the day that there are ‘possible’ explosives in the house, as the police carefully described it. The Explosives Ordnance Disposal Service (EOD) was called in.

Quickly get medicines and pets

About fifty people live in the apartment building. They had to leave their house again on Saturday evening. They were allowed back quickly to pick up any medicines or pets. If necessary, a sleeping place is arranged for the neighbors.

More research will be done on Sunday. Only when it is certain that explosive substances are no longer in the building, residents can return home.

Experts detonate explosives safely

The explosive material found in the flat was detonated safely in the night from Saturday to Sunday. That reports Venema Media. That happened around half past two on the Sint Petersburgweg in Groningen.

Sint Petersburgweg in Groningen, where explosives exploded. Photo: Venema Media

Flat where explosion was evacuated in Beijum district of Groningen: possible explosives in building, EOD is in house (update)

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