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The owner of tomcat Tijn has passed away, who wants to take care of him? – Insurance for Pets

Every animal deserves a nice owner. This time we introduce Tijn (5) to you. The tomcat is waiting for a new home at Animal Shelter Helmond, after his owner has passed away. Do you have a place for this guy?

According to volunteers from the shelter, Tijn is a friendly and sweet tomcat. « He still thinks his new asylum environment is a bit exciting, but he already likes to give headlines and show himself a bit more. »

Nice to know

Tijn lived in a one-person household. Therefore it is not known how he deals with children, for example. Also, employees of the shelter do not know whether he can interact with other pets. « It seems wise not to let him live with a busy family, » the shelter reports. It is also nice if Tijn can go outside regularly.

To adopt

Would you like to get to know Tijn personally? Call Dierenasiel Helmond on 0492-513971 to discuss the options. Check here for more information about Tijn.

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