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the last cow shepherd in Alpe-d’Huez – Insurance for Pets

Charolaise, Montbélliarde, Aubrac. Each year for summer pastures, Alpe-d’Huez (Isère) sees nearly 300 heifers disembark. Animals entrusted by breeders from Nord-Isère, who come to benefit from a rich and abundant grass. « The fact of mounting them in mountain pastures allows the breeders to free up surfaces in the plain, which allows them to make hay, other crops, and to give them extra time to do something other than take up livestock. « , explains Toni Del Monte.

This cowherd without dog prefers to work in direct relation with the animal. « The coolest moments are when you go into the herd and the animals come to see you, that they trust you », says the shepherd. This fall, at 60, the man will turn an important page in his life. The handover will take place after the winter season, in May of next year.

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