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Our other files

Automotive aftermarket (parts and labor) represents a market of more than 33 billion euros. After years of crisis, this market has returned to growth and faces new challenges. Faced with the planned upheaval of the market, with the modification of the petrol / diesel mix and the switch to electric, equipment manufacturers and distributors are evolving their offers, against a backdrop of booming e-commerce. The major players in the sector must also take into account the new expectations of consumers, particularly concerned with more rational use of the car.

This dossier proposes to take stock of this changing sector by giving a voice to all its key players.

Why and when should you choose a labor lawyer?

Many employees still refuse to call on a lawyer: « it is not within my reach », « useless to get there », are justifications often heard. And yet, having recourse to counsel would be of great help to them in a context of increasing legalization and complexity of labor law. In this case, we will give the floor to lawyers who are experts in labor law, who will shed light on the various problems encountered by employees.

With more than 4 billion euros spent each year, the French are not near their money when it comes to their pets. More than one in two French people own one or more. Their population is estimated at 63 million. Cats and dogs come first among the favorite animals of our fellow citizens, ahead of fish but also birds and rodents.

A dynamic and growing French market, leader in Europe, despite the current economic gloom. Because they bring us as much love as sometimes hassle, caring for them is not always an easy task. Alongside the classic kibbles and toys, a series of offers dedicated to these furry and feathered companions … or scales has developed. Nothing is left to chance to pamper them and make them happy!

This dossier intends to explore this growing market by giving a voice to all its main players.

DIY remains one of the favorite activities of the French. This summer, she will once again be on their program. With time in front of you, calm, the summer season is conducive to these indoor … or garden work. The DIY sector, with an annual turnover of 26 billion euros, is full of ideas. Among its objectives? Meet consumer expectations and stick to new trends. Faced with competition from online sales, brands are reinventing their offers and adapting to the new digital reality. This dossier offers us the opportunity to illustrate all the dynamism of DIY, which remains the leading consumer goods market in the home.

Privileged activity of the French, DIY will – once again – be on the rise this summer. Between landscaping, renovation, gardening and maintenance, the summer season is particularly conducive to this occupation combining creativity and thoroughness. This is the perfect opportunity to take care of your home (and your garden) in order to finally accomplish the work so postponed during the year.

Responsive, the DIY sector knows how to evolve and meet consumer expectations and new trends. Always more innovative, it is modernizing and adapting to the current technological revolution. An overview of DIY essentials for anyone planning to DIY this summer.

In companies with at least 50 employees, the employer is required to organize the implementation
a works council made up of elected staff representatives and possibly union representatives appointed by representative union organizations in the company or establishment. Required to meet regularly, this committee assumes, on the one hand, economic and social, and cultural attributions; it has the necessary material and financial resources to do this.

This dossier offers us the opportunity to shine a spotlight on this market with great potential.

Absenteeism, stress, turnover, moral harassment, burn-out, lack of recognition…: 2 out of 3 French people say they are dissatisfied with their daily work. The social cost of this scourge and the impact on business performance amount to billions of euros. Faced with this new context, the company has every interest in fostering the cohesion of its teams, motivating its employees and innovating in a more humane management, in other words promoting quality of life at work (QVT). QVT, as we understand it today, goes far beyond the simple prevention of occupational risks. It refers to favorable conditions in the working environment, which have positive consequences for employees and generate well-being and psychological health. This dossier will allow us to take stock of QVT approaches, levers of economic and social performance of the company within the framework of their CSR policies.

Condominiums represent almost a quarter of all housing in France. Significant legislative changes have taken place in recent years. In 2014, the Alur law (for Access to Housing and Renovated Urban Planning) had significantly modified the rules in force. At the end of 2018, the Elan law (relating to the Evolution of Housing, Development and Digital) reformed many areas of condominium management, in the context of energy renovation of buildings. Voted in 2015, the energy transition law for green growth indeed counts among its objectives the adaptation of all housing to low consumption standards by 2050. Faced with these challenges likely to upset relations between co-owners and trustees of co-ownerships, this dossier aims to give voice to the key players in the sector.

The digital revolution is upsetting the codes of our economy. The health sector obviously does not escape this backdrop. Far from being limited to telemedicine, e-Health is defined by the WHO as “the use of tools for the production, transmission, management and sharing of digital information for the benefit of both medical and medical practices. social ”. In addition to the traditional approach, there is the development of a multitude of new hi-tech and connected products. Managing your daily health is now possible, with the development of intelligent solutions designed to improve our way of life. ENS (digital service companies) and technology consulting companies are constantly innovating and becoming essentials in the healthcare industry, participating in this medical revolution. This dossier proposes to give a spotlight on this new deal.

The digital revolution has hit the world of transport and mobility head on. The transport networks, now connected intermodally, must meet new expectations. In this changing context, companies and individuals have several levers to invent cleaner and sustainable mobility. This 3.0 mobility is one of the great areas of innovation of our time. Digital is at the service of transport, whether private or collective, in order to optimize travel and make it more practical and efficient. Safety, the environment and fluidity are the issues at the center of concerns in this area. Travel modes are becoming intelligent and collaborative. At the same time, new driving habits are emerging, mixing car passion and innovative concepts, from carpooling to car sharing. This issue will offer us the opportunity to take a broad look at these new trends.

Business car purchases today account for almost 50% of the market. This booming B to B market demonstrates the success of rental formulas (LLD and LMD). Still recently confined to large companies, the constitution of automobile fleets is diversifying beyond large accounts and SMEs to henceforth penetrate very small businesses. Benefiting from increasingly connected solutions, fleet managers adapt their contracts to the use of their vehicles in order to optimize routes, with economic and ecological concerns in mind. This dossier will offer a precise and detailed overview of the main trends in the field of vehicle fleets.

From the Internet to the smartphone, new digital technologies are now everywhere, both in our personal and professional lives. This digital transformation could not remain without impact on the world of learning and vocational training. The methods of yesterday are no longer those of today and will be even less so tomorrow.

Digital Learning appeared, a real oxygen tank for the face-to-face, expensive and outdated training model. With a new set of tools, formats and approaches, Digital Learning is reinventing the harmony between people and technology. Interactive, mobile and personalized: this is how training presents itself in the digital age.

As for the digital offer in education and training, it is developing and diversifying, with its startups, its VSEs-SMEs, or its French subsidiaries of multinational groups (both software publishers, digital resources and platforms, such as consulting companies, or even manufacturers, distributors and IT maintenance companies). This dossier will allow us to shine a spotlight on a rapidly expanding sector.

You can’t improvise as a parent overnight. But rest assured, nature is well done since with 9 months of pregnancy, the future mother and future father have time to familiarize themselves with their new roles. There are many upheavals, of course, and to cope with joy and relaxation it is better to prepare, to simply organize. Is your head bubbling with questions?

It’s normal. Our experts are there to support you. What type of birth do you want to have? What place would the future dad like to occupy? Sexuality during pregnancy and after the baby arrives? Which first name to choose? Which birth clothes for which seasons? Breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Childcare, a Chinese puzzle? Against or for vaccines? If the baby’s arrival requires a large budget, do not hesitate to get help from loved ones by creating birth lists.

This special Future Parents file will reveal all the wise advice from early childhood professionals so that you can welcome your baby with complete peace of mind and preserve the harmony of your married life. Smile, you are soon forming a family.

In these times of increased competition between tourist accommodation modes, the star classification system remains one of the very first criteria of choice for the consumer. An element of public « reinsurance », it is an important benchmark for French and international customers.

Carried out since 2010 by a control body accredited by Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee), this control makes it possible to classify all establishments (hotels, but also campsites, holiday villages and various hotel residences) and to provide an official guarantee quality of service and comfort to increasingly demanding customers. Contrary to the trend towards « uberization » of the tourist stay, this classification of 1 to 5 stars attributed by Atout France (French Tourist Development Agency), promotes the good match between the French tourist offer and the international demand, ultimately contributing to the promotion and influence of the France brand.

This dossier will allow us to enhance this qualitative approach.

Do you have real estate projects? You wish to become an owner and invest in
real estate? Have you thought about new real estate?

Real estate in new buildings is attracting more and more French people. And for good reason, invest in
the new is a guarantee of quality, because the buyer ensures total control of his budget, but also optimized comfort and respect for security guarantees. In addition, the tax exemption systems in place and the attractive credit rates practiced by the banks make it a particularly profitable investment.

But to succeed in your real estate investment, you still need to be well supported. Who are the key players you can count on if you embark on a new real estate project?

The Internet of Things is changing our daily lives, making our homes smart. Security, assisted living, wireless connection, entertainment, energy management …: the world of « all digital » has invaded homes and is now part of our daily lives. Everything is thought to make the house smarter, without necessarily rhyme with exorbitant expenses. Home automation continues to develop: many technical innovations are emerging to meet the needs of comfort and security. How is the connected home changing our lives? This special feature will try to answer this question, by giving voice to the major players in a rapidly expanding sector.

The Internet of Things is changing our daily lives, making our buildings and homes smart. Security, assistance with autonomy, wireless connection, entertainment, energy and building management, home automation …: a multitude of solutions are now available to make our lives easier. Today, beyond building automation, it’s a lifetime that connects to technology to simplify the life of each occupant: intelligent sports, connected objects for pets or even a connected swimming pool …
The communicating house and the positive energy building are becoming essential for all aspects of everyday life.

This special feature will endeavor to take stock of this change, by giving a voice to major players in rapidly expanding sectors.

While we spend around 30% of our time sleeping, around 1 in 4 French people suffer from sleep disorders. However, it is fundamental, regenerative and natural repairer, it is a necessary element for health.

To sleep well and fight fatigue, everyone must find the remedy that suits them. For some, the solution simply lies in choosing the right bedding, while for others, more sophisticated remedies to combat insomnia, snoring or sleep apnea should be considered. How to sleep well?

Cooperative and associated trade is on the rise. This method of organizing point of sale networks is made up of independent traders gathered in groups, generally under a common banner. At the heart of their values ​​is the promotion of local producers and ecosystems. This form of trade is found in more than 30 business sectors and in all regions of France. With nearly 50,000 points of sale and an annual turnover of more than 150 billion euros, cooperative trade now accounts for more than 30% of French retail trade. The groups combine the advantages of a national network with compliance with strong ethical commitments (CSR, traceability, quality control). This dossier will allow us to give a voice to the major players in cooperative and associated trade, guarantors of a responsible distribution method with strong local roots.

For accident victims, psychological shock is often added to bodily injury. These various traumas open up rights to care and compensation, based on the necessary compensation for all of the damage. How, for a victim, determine the damages to which he can claim?

In order to determine the extent of the consequences and the amount of compensation due, professionals are now listening to them. This dossier will give them a voice, as will victims’ associations.

No sector of our economy has been spared by the outsourcing of production. The phenomenon also had the effect of arousing a patriotism reflex. As the polls continue to demonstrate, the French are more and more sensitive to the label of the products they buy. So much so that French manufacturing has never been so in vogue. Far beyond the fashion effect, the sector is structured, in line with a new mode of consumption, responsible and attached to the local terroir. A guarantee of innovation but also and above all, of quality and authenticity, the « French consumer » appeals more and more every day to individuals and businesses. By giving the floor to its main players, this dossier aims to give a spotlight on a dynamic sector.

More than 60,000 cases of occupational diseases and more than 600,000 occupational accidents are listed in France each year. Once recognized, an occupational disease or an accident at work can give the employee the right to remuneration, paid to compensate for the loss of income. This is to say the economic and social stake of this reality. The amount and nature of the compensation may vary depending on the duration of the work stoppage, the temporary or permanent nature of the incapacity, but also on the employer’s responsibility in the occurrence of the occupational disease or in the employee’s work accident.

This file will allow us to decipher the evolutions at work.

A painful and complicated stage, the funeral must nevertheless be prepared with care. The organization of ceremonies and the anticipation of the future for the relatives who remain, involve considerable expenses, this is why foresight is essential in this area. Often a taboo subject, it is nonetheless very important within families.

The funeral market, which accounts for around 2 billion euros per year, is made up of several players, all serving this general concern: planning funerals and the future and relieving families – as much as possible – in charge of this painful task.

Funeral services, funeral directors and funeral marble, funeral guarantees and insurance, notaries, crematorium, florist, funeral articles, here is a detailed guide to help you pass this stage with more serenity.

The holiday season is fast approaching. The French spend without counting. In this set, meals are central, almost sacred.
In terms of gastronomy, between culinary tradition and innovation, no one departs from the rule of a beautiful festive table. Chocolates, glazed chestnuts, caviar and oysters are the dishes to which the French remain loyal.
At the same time, culinary innovations have shaken up the daily lives of foodies. The great chefs have been able to overturn the codes, revisit the classics to make New Years Eve dinner the height of their art, where aesthetics, taste and pleasure mingle. What do the experts say?

The prevention of occupational risks covers all the measures to be implemented to achieve a triple objective: preserve the health and safety of employees, improve working conditions and strive for well-being at work. Included in the principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), this approach is built by involving all the players concerned and taking into account the specificities of the company (size, resources available, geographic location, etc.). It is also based on methods and tools, in order to achieve respect for three essential values: respect for the employee, transparency and social dialogue. Finally, prevention is also based on a corpus of good practices which has emerged as it has developed, and which feeds the systems deployed. This dossier will aim to give a spotlight on this new way of understanding the relationship to work.

Natural well-being, simple « grandmother remedies »? Think again ! Reconnecting with the balance and well-being of our body, taking the best that nature has to offer, is all that is most modern. First by delighting your taste buds with a balanced diet. An easy challenge, by cooking good meals with good ingredients, chosen with care. The best beauty products are still fruits and vegetables and all other fresh foods rich in vitamins and minerals. They are not the only ones. Plants have incredible and often unsuspected beneficial properties. Natural cosmetic treatments are developing which allow you to enhance the radiance of your body. Even household chores are now part of this health prevention. Rather than potentially allergenic products, we will favor natural products devoid of synthetic fragrances and unfortunate consequences for our health and our environment. As we can see, finding natural well-being is everyone’s business, every day. This dossier will allow us to zoom in on a booming trend.

Since January 1, 2017, a couple can have an amicable divorce without going before the judge. Part of the measure aims to unclog the courts. Thus, in 2015, 123,668 divorces were pronounced, including 67,875 by mutual consent (55%), according to 2016 key figures from the Ministry of Justice.

But choosing a lawyer is always a delicate matter. Especially when it comes to exposing your family life, which is not necessarily self-evident, even when faced with a professional.

Couples faced with this situation wonder. How to choose a lawyer? Is it essential to use his services to dissolve his marriage?

Each year, 10,000 lives could be saved if 1 in 5 people knew of emergency procedures. Unfortunately, too few French people attend first aid training each year. What are these gestures that save? How to react to an accident at home, at work or on the road? How was first aid organized in France? How could it evolve in the digital age? What first aid training is available to you?

France today has more than 24 million inhabitants over the age of 50. The former baby boomers who came into the world between 1945 and 1960 arrived in the field of seniors, when the number of births reached one million per year. While life expectancy at retirement is also increasing steadily, seniors intend to actively nourish this sequence of their lives with personal projects. The main concerns of seniors are to thrive in retirement and maintain their health for as long as possible. This dossier will allow us to take stock of this major socio-economic issue.

The personal services sector is growing. By 2025, the number of user households is expected to grow by 17.3%. The aging of the population, which is increasing, and home support, also improving, partly explain this trend. But not only that: family services such as childcare and tutoring are also increasing, as are daily living services (housework, shopping, gardening, etc.). To face the challenge of improving the quality of service, the sector is becoming more and more professional.

This dossier proposes to give a spotlight on a new and multiple reality.

Organic is on the rise. The latest figures leave no room for doubt: conversions from organic farms are constantly increasing. With the end of the sector, on the side of processing and distribution companies, the breakthrough is just as significant. And sales of organic products are increasing sharply in all distribution channels. These networks have taken on a new dimension in recent years, with store openings, expansions and renovations. Even supermarkets, with a good third of sales, are not outdone.

This is no longer a heavy trend, but almost a bottom line: this dossier offers us the opportunity to get a great deal of spotlight on a rapidly expanding sector.

In line with the government’s desire to involve citizens more in the control of their health journey, the market for food supplements is booming.

Nearly two-thirds of French people recognize the benefits that dietary supplements can bring, and almost one in two say they have already consumed them. Health professionals also appreciate their benefits: in almost two out of three cases, the consumption of food supplements is the result of a prescription or advice from a health professional.

French excellence is recognized abroad in the food supplement sector, with many innovative SMEs in particular.

This dossier will give us the opportunity to shine a spotlight on a sector with a great future.

More and more French people are choosing to look good by staying organic. 43% of them bought organic cosmetic products in 2016 compared to 24% in 2013 (Agence BIO / CSA 2017 barometer).

Exit from EDTA, silicone, parabens, PEG, PPG, BHT, polymers and all polluting chemical elements, make way for organic cosmetic products.

This dossier aims to give a voice to the major players in an emerging sector.

Local governments or the state can infringe on your property rights. You can be expropriated, for the needs of a tram line or any other collective equipment. In order to obtain fairer compensation, you will need to go to the expropriation judge. And when you sell a property, the municipality can decide to exercise its right of first refusal and thus evict the purchaser of your property, provided that you carry out an operation of general interest. You then have two months to make your decision: withdraw the property from the sale, accept the price offered by the municipality or refuse its offer.

A full-fledged part of the activity of developers, corporate real estate finds its place in projects increasingly marked by diversity, elected officials wishing to mix businesses and homes in their territories. Commercial real estate differs from residential in many ways, however.

Always constrained by the need to find its client over time, the sector is undergoing rapid change, in parallel with our relationship with time and work space. Always more efficient
from an ecological point of view, office buildings integrate new services, in order to reinforce the feeling of well-being of employees, but also to bring a more technical and functional dimension in the management of spaces, in phase with the appearance of new, more flexible and nomadic ways of working. At the same time, new real-time measurement systems for building data are emerging to better manage the occupancy of premises. Agile, the new building integrates with its urban and environmental ecosystem in a logic of circular economy.

This dossier will give a voice to key players in corporate real estate and will allow us to scrutinize a sector with significant urban challenges.

D’après un sondage réalisé en septembre 2017 par l’Ifop, 74 % des Français interrogés affirment être prêts à payer plus cher un produit s’il est fabriqué sur le territoire français.

En effet, alors que la mondialisation économique ne se dément pas, les biens produits en France n’ont jamais été aussi en vogue. A rebours du phénomène de délocalisation de la production, la filière du “fabriqué français” se structure. Signe de cette lame de fond, l’apparition des Assises du produire en France, manifestation annuelle qui regroupe des politiques, des décideurs, des experts et des entrepreneurs autour de la thématique. Cette tendance lourde va de pair avec l’émergence d’un nouveau mode de consommation, responsable et attaché au terroir local.

Ce dossier nous offre l’occasion d’un coup de projecteur sur le savoir-faire français.

Les seniors représentent une part croissante de la population française, dont un tiers est aujourd’hui âgé de plus de 50 ans. Alors l’espérance de vie à la retraite augmente également de façon régulière, cette “troisième mi-temps de l’existence” apparaît comme un nouveau chapitre, que les seniors vont nourrir activement de projets personnels.

Bien préparer ce changement de vie est une condition clé pour s’épanouir dans sa retraite. Catégorie d’âge à l’important pouvoir d’achat, les seniors représentent  un enjeu économique clé des décennies à venir. Quant à la santé, elle est la préoccupation numéro un des seniors. Le législateur ne s’y est pas trompé en votant sa loi sur l’adaptation de la société auvieillissement (ASV).

Ce dossier nous offre l’occasion d’un coup de projecteur sur une mutation socio-économique majeure.

Près de 7 français sur 10 sont propriétaires de leur résidence principale. Dans le cadre de l’achat d’un logement ou d’un investissement locatif, la bonne gestion de votre immeuble passe par le choix d’un bon syndic de copropriété. Toute copropriété est dans l’obligation d’élire un syndic de copropriété, intermédiaire entre les copropriétaires et leurs locataires. Mais comment bien le choisir ? Comment trouver un syndic suffisamment joignable pour ne pas laisser traîner les dossiers, assez proche pour demeurer disponible ? Le prix des services mais aussi la réactivité des syndics sont au cœur de débats parfois houleux lors des assemblées générales. Dans un cadre législatif mouvant et un contexte de transformation digitale, le métier de syndic se trouve en pleine mutation.

Ce dossier vous fournira les clés pour bien choisir votre syndic.

Les copropriétés représentent près d’un quart des logements en France.

Votée en 2014, la loi Alur (pour Accès au Logement et un Urbanisme Rénové) a modifié de façon non négligeable les règles dans les copropriétés, tant pour les règles de vote, que pour les syndics et la gestion des copropriétés en difficulté. Parmi les grands enjeux d’avenir, la rénovation énergétique des immeubles.

Dans ce cadre, l’instauration du DTG (Diagnostic Technique Global) va révolutionner les relations entre copropriétaires et syndics de copropriétés ; avec un objectif : améliorer la qualité de nos immeubles.

Les vacances à la montagne en hiver, vous connaissez, mais en été ? Loin des plages prises d’assaut, la montagne est propice au repos comme à l’activité, pour les grands et les petits. C’est l’occasion de découvrir, seul, en couple ou en famille, ses paysages sous un jour nouveau. La neige laisse place à de grandes et belles prairies fleuries, la nature resplendit, de nouveaux horizons s’ouvrent à vous… Oxygénez vous, partez en randonnées sur les sentiers, avec un peu de chance vous apercevrez peut-être des marmottes, aigles et autres chamois. Quel meilleur endroit que la montagne pour se mettre en mode « détox », couper avec le stress de la vie urbaine et se ressourcer tout en prenant soin de son corps ? Découvrez dans ce dossier toutes les nouveautés et tendances, pour des vacances d’été différentes, à la montagne.

Des vacances dans la nature, c’est une aventure particulière pour petits et grands, en même temps qu’une manière de nous reconnecter à nos racines profondes. En France, le tourisme de nature a longtemps été assimilé aux seules activités sportives dans la nature. Le secteur va aujourd’hui bien au-delà : les Français sont de plus en plus nombreux à éprouver le besoin de se mettre en mode « détox », histoire de couper avec le stress de la vie urbaine pour mieux se ressourcer.

Découvrez dans ce dossier toutes les nouveautés et tendances, pour des vacances nature réussies.

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