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A hamster is both fun and interesting to observe.

Photo: Phuong Nga / CVN

Very pretty, interesting to observe, inexpensive to buy and maintain. These are the characteristics that make a hamster an ideal pet. This rodent is robust with a tail a little shorter than the length of its body. He has a cute face, small noses and ears, short legs and wide feet. Its thick fur can be black, gray, white, buff, brown, yellow or even reddish. The lower parts of his body are white with shades of gray and black.

Raising a hamster at home

« The hamster is smaller than the dog, cleaner than the cat and much more alert than the fish. It is ideal for apartment living », considers Nguyên Xuân Long, 13, who lives in the Câu Giây district of Hanoi, after having raised several domestic animals. « I have two hamsters that I bought three weeks ago. They are an inexhaustible source of entertainment for those who like to observe them », he believes.

Once a week, he accompanies them by the lake located in the urban city of An Binh in Câu Giây to share experiences and present his nice critters to his friends.

The hamster is very sensitive to noise, such as shouts for example, and prefers to be looked at rather than touched.

Photos: Phuong Nga / CVN

Carrying his hamster in his hands, Trân Van Son, a pupil of the Mai Dich college, confides that this little rodent has requirements in terms of place of life and master. « It is better not to leave him in an almost empty cage. He needs to move, explore, play and gnaw »he says. And to continue: « A hamster is a lot of joy, but also work. As a caretaker, it is your responsibility. It is entirely up to you ».

Some websites (,, offer many kinds of hamsters such as: Campell hamster, Russian hamster and Roborovski hamster. The price ranges from 50,000 to 300,000 dong depending on the age, beauty and rarity of the hamster. The Russian and Campell hamsters are the most affordable – count around 50,000 dong.

Like many parents, Nguyên Thi Ngoc Hanh, 42, gave in to the pleas of his child who wanted a pet. « My son is passionate about pet rodents and dreamed of having a hamster. For his 12th birthday, we gave him one with his cage. He was overjoyed for a week », she remembers.

According to her, this little rodent can bring a lot to children, who learn to take responsibility by looking after a living creature, to treat it with respect. In addition, its hairs very rarely cause allergies.

The hamster is ideal for apartment living.

Photo: Phuong Nga / CVN

« Two of the drawbacks are its short lifespan, around three years, and its incompatibility with young children, who rarely know how to handle them safely », says Ngoc Hanh. The hamster does not like to be cuddled and petted. It is very sensitive to noises, such as shouts for example, and prefers to be watched more than touched.

The hamster feeds mainly on seeds. But he also likes vegetables, fruits or tubers, especially carrots. These allow him to have his teeth, which grow throughout his life.

Evaluating your health is one of the important elements in choosing a hamster. A healthy animal has a clean, supplied coat with no dandruff, crusts or peeled areas. His eyes are wide open and clear, and the coat around them perfectly dry and without the slightest crust or secretion. His nose should be clean, with no trace of discharge.