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Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets … Pets are a big part of French life! Even if they give us a lot of affection, veterinary expenses can also fly off in case of unforeseen circumstances. Dog and cat insurance then makes it possible to better control health expenses for your animal, by covering part of the costs.

In its latest infographic, Hyperassur takes stock of the French and their pets, focusing on the mutual fund for animals.

A majority of dogs

Dogs and cats are among the favorite pets of the French. In 2020, 71% of the forms filled out on our insurance comparator concerned dogs. Less than a third of the requests were for cats.

In addition, the owners insure their companions when they are young :

  • 60% of dogs and 48% of cats have less than 1 year
  • 44% of dogs and 27% of cats have less than 6 months

In fact, animals are more vulnerable at the beginning and at the end of their life: it is therefore recommended to cover them from an early age. Also keep in mind that most insurers will refuse to cover your pet if it has over 8 years or if he is already ill when subscribing.

60% of owners insure their pet with the maximum level of coverage

Dog and cat insurance has 3 levels of coverage:

  • economic : to deal with accidents with a small budget
  • intermediate : more extensive guarantees with coverage for accidents and illnesses
  • optimum : for complete protection

According to our study on the French and their pets, 60% of owners choose an optimum formula. Our partners offer offers with maximum protection from € 9.50 per month for dogs and € 9.13 per month for cats.

The owners are mainly women

According to the data collected in our forms, it is mainly women who conduct animal insurance research:

  • 69% for dogs
  • 64% for cats

Finally, owners most often between 26 and 35 years old (27% and 37% respectively for dogs and cats).

Discover the complete infographic on the French and their pets !

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