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The company of a cat does us good: Femme Actuelle Le MAG – Insurance for Pets

From childhood to adolescence, a faithful companion

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Winning duo The cat is a great playmate for the little ones. Over time, the bond strengthens and the relationship changes. From 7 years old, the child learns to take care of the animal and develops his empathy.

Confident hors pair If he feels confident, the cat welcomes all the secrets that are whispered in his ear. A perfect blanket that listens without passing judgment.

Close guard Several scientific studies show that cohabitation with the feline from birth strengthens the immune system and reduces by 50% the risks of triggering asthma and / or respiratory allergies during childhood.

The right coach When he abandons himself to the pleasure of a nap, the cat embodies serenity … What better example for a tormented teenager? During this period, the animal is an emotional support that can ease tensions within the family.

He inspires us

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A vitamin of happiness His presence by our side makes us happy. Science says it all: cat owners experience less stress and negative emotions than others.

Invitation to calm The cat is the dream companion of artists and intellectuals. Like them, he likes to be at home in peace and can stay still for hours.

Cat man Exit the cliché of the catwoman! According to a study, the feline is on the way to becoming the new favorite animal (after the dog) of the male race.

Him, me and them … No, life with a cat does not lead to withdrawal. Whether you are single or in a relationship, it would on the contrary strengthen openness to others.

Zen master To rub shoulders with a cat is also to see it stretching for a long time, taking a nap in the sun and enjoying every moment. In short, it inspires us!

It’s a natural remedy

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Chat therapy He purrs, and presto, let’s go! The simple act of holding a cat against you lowers blood pressure and lowers heart rate.

Youthful blow Yes to cats in retirement homes! Through the care they provide, residents stimulate their memory.

Doctor in spite of himself His loyal company is a precious health asset. Cat owners would go to the doctor five times less often.


This article is taken from the very last Special Edition of Femme Actuelle, entirely dedicated to our friends the cats. An exclusive interview with bestselling author Bernard Werber, who talks about his latest book, Planet of cats, everything you need to know if you are thinking of welcoming a kitten at home, but also the latest advice in terms of food and care … If you love animals, this new magazine is for you.

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