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In Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Mario has a very unusual costume in his wardrobe: he can take on the appearance of a cat, giving him new powers and a cute look. Meow.

We could write lines and lines about the qualities of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, on how Nintendo manages to offer more than just a port (Super Mario 3D World was originally released on Wii U). But we prefer to focus first on a point that, in our eyes, seems essential: and if the best thing that has happened to Mario since his creation was the addition of a cat costume in his yet busy wardrobe ?

In Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, available on Switch from February 12, Nintendo’s famous plumber has access to a whole range of outfits, each more useful than the last. The eternal flower allowing the hero to throw fireballs can collect dust, it is nothing compared to the charm and power of the cat costume, obtained by picking up a bell. The first time you put it on, you’ll want to put the Switch down to gouzi-gouzi a Mario who crawls on all fours. Sorry Mario Tanuki, you no longer have the finest Mario in the universe.

Mario cat is so cute

Why do we fall for Mario cat? Already, because he looks… like a cat, one of the cutest and most beloved animals. Nintendo has a certain know-how when it comes to imagining a colorful and welcoming universe. We can also count on his knowledge of the details that make the difference. The animations of Mario cat can attest to this. They are both precise, to offer credibility to the rendering, and crisp, to better melt our little hearts. You have to see him sit like your favorite pet: the illusion is perfect and we purr with pleasure. Another proof of Nintendo’s thoroughness: Mario cat’s fur gets wet when he goes into the water. The manufacturer manages to optimally optimize the power of the Switch to combine enchanting graphics and infallible technical solidity.

The sets also dress as a cat // Source: Switch screenshot

Nintendo understood the immense power of attraction of the feline, symbol of the meme on the internet and whooping cough that could captivate you for hours on end on YouTube. Therefore, the Japanese firm has put references to cats all over Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Some enemies have cat ears. Some elements of the surroundings – bushes, buildings – have cat ears. Small birds have cat ears. The flowers can take on the appearance of cat paws. Colorful little cats can follow Mario when you see them. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a real ode to the cat, which he elevates to the rank of star to the delight of fans of the animal. Are you more of the dog team? Maybe go your way.

Look at the ears of the little bird… // Source: Switch screenshot

It’s in the amazing new expansion Bowser’s Fury that Nintendo gives the most to their hearts content regarding the tribute to cats. In this open world adventure, 100% independent of Super Mario 3D World, you have to collect Feline Stars in order to get rid of a giant Bowser reminiscent of Godzilla. In direct clashes with the gargantuan villain, Mario can downright take on the appearance of a little lion with a flaming mane. You will understand: everything is done to want to shout meow in front of the screen of your Switch.

Clash of the Titans // Source: Nintendo

The cat costume is not just an excuse to go gaga in front of your console. It’s also a great way to finish tasks given to Mario more calmly. In Cat Mode, the Plumber can claw, pounce on enemies, take a dive (that is, land on his feet), or climb a wall. The last mentioned power gives another dimension to Mario’s adventures, with more and more space given to verticality. These unprecedented capacities constitute a real insurance for the players. They also offer the opportunity to reach secret areas.

Mario’s new companions // Source: Switch screenshot

In short, the cat outfit is added to all the others available in Super Mario 3D World. The flower still allows you to throw small balls of fire. The boomerang, as the name suggests, equips Mario with a prop that can be thrown. By becoming a tanuki, Mario can hover for a few seconds in the air and flick his tail. We also find the mushroom, which makes the plumber grow and gives him the right to make mistakes, or the cherries, which add a double to the screen. There is clearly no shortage of opportunities to have fun in Super Mario 3D World, which is proof that Nintendo constantly manages to reinvent itself despite having identical bases. If in addition we add cats to the equation …

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